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Lazy Napkin/Paper Towel Stockers Are Destroying the Earth

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Laziness, there’s just no other excuse. Well, perhaps stupidity, but these could be the only reasons why the napkin/paper towel stocker is destroying the earth!

I’m talking about those individuals who place so many napkins or paper towels in the holder/dispenser that getting one out is impossible. Napkins from restaurants, of the fast-food variety, seem to always have about six thousand more napkins in the dispenser than the recommended, designed quantity calls for, so when you go to pull one out, it tears and shreds and you pull out a scrap that’s too small to wipe the mouth of a Barbie doll. So you keep trying and trying and eventually have a table full of napkin scraps that would make Smokey the Bear very nervous. “Only you can prevent restaurant fires!” What do these employees think? “If I put ten thousand napkins inside this dispenser, I’ll never have to stock it again. They’ll procreate and make new napkins!” The paper towel dispenser is the bathroom is the same way. “I never want to have to return to this room, so I’m going to put our entire supply of paper towels into the holder.” It really is sad, the waste it produces, the time it costs and depending on the location of the wall mounted paper towel holder, (i.e. reaching up to get a paper towel, thus water running down your wrists and dampening your cuffs) the trouble it causes.

I’ve never understood a poor work ethic and maybe that’s my problem right there. I’ve had a lot of “less than ideal” jobs in my life and I wasn’t thrilled to be doing them, but I always did my best. Always. Sometimes it may have come from boredom, while other times it was just because that’s who I am. I’m sure everyone has that relative who’s been quoted as saying, “The only job worth doing is a job done right”.

Isn’t that the point of work? To do your job and to do it well? There are those professions that if it’s done right, no one notices. A bridge that holds traffic and doesn’t collapse, a hamburger that doesn’t kill you with a bacterial infection, a pair of pants that don’t rip after wearing them for years, these are just a few things that pooped into my mind. Even so, working is about one of only three things, money, helping people, or improvement. It’s not about praise, being cool, or having your day-in/day-out takes showered with compliments.

Let’s start with money, it seems pretty obvious and is what the overwhelming majority of all us go to work for. I also like to think that those who would try to argue that celebrities work for praise could be silenced by two facts. 1. They only like good press 2. I’m sure they’d still be doing it for the money even if people didn’t worship them and paid no attention to them at all.

Then there are those that work at helping people. You could include certain doctors, pro bono lawyers, volunteer workers, teachers, police, firefighters, EMTs, people like that, folks who like people, working with the under privileged/sick/injured, trying to promote and improve the health and well being of man.

Improvement would be all the things we do that are essentially free, like yard work, house/car maintenance, etc. You wouldn’t wash your car with dirt filled water would you? You want the things you do to look nice, to be reward with a feeling of accomplishment, not a sense of, “Boy, I really did a half assed job at that, I’m so proud!”

So what happened? Where did the napkin/paper towel stocker go wrong? Why must they work hard at being idiots? Why can’t they stop the compulsion of over stuffing the container of its capacity?

I’m sorry to say, I don’t have an answer. I will leave this message though, “Please stop. You’re not earning your money, helping anyone or improving the world.”

Egg On,

Ramblin’ Rooster


Written by Ramblin' Rooster

September 22, 2008 at 4:31 am

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