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Why is Cheating Allowed for Spelling?

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My favorite book is the dictionary. I know, I know, I’m a dork, but I really can’t help it. The dictionary is a fascinating book. It’s a series of references that lead you through the book like a literal labyrinth. Look up one word, it tells you to see another word. Or you look up a word and the definition uses words you don’t know or aren’t quite sure what they mean so you go find those words. It’s linguistic solitaire. You’re right, maybe I should get out more.

Also, I find it interesting to read the true meaning of words. Definitions that are lost by the ignorance of today and constant misuse. Not to mention it’s fun finding words that are no longer used, things you might hear when watching a movie from the ’40s. Or words you just flat out have never heard, ever in your life.

I guess this does sound frightfully dull, but the truth of the matter is that words are very powerful. String together the right ones and you can cause a lot of damage in the conversation world. We’ve all had moments where, after the fact, we think of something we wished we would have said, but didn’t because the words didn’t come at the right time. That’s another oddity, people who can’t express themselves or their feelings. Not that the “greeting card” industry isn’t thankful, but still it’s sad to think of a person who has a brain and a heart, who’d like to share an inner thought or emotion, but can’t because it’s trapped.

The worst is when someone says something to you, most assuredly a task or errand/favor to do, and they verbalize their request, you repeat it to them, using their own words and the correct you followed by something along the lines of, “…you know what I mean.” No, actually I don’t, that’s why communication is so important. Has ‘Three’s Company’ taught us nothing about the follies of misunderstanding from miscommunication?

Having wasted your time with all of that, the real bizarre twist of the dictionary is that essentially it is the answer book to our language, yet everyone accepts it and treats it as a harmless book. Whether you’re taking a math quiz or completing a “love test” in a fashion magazine, the general rule of thumb is that looking up the answer is bad, (at least without trying to figure it out on your own first). My whole life, if I ever asked my parents or a teacher how to spell something, they immediately blurted out, “Look it up in the dictionary.” The dictionary is a wide spread, household accepted form of cheating that everyone condones. How’s that for awesome. Imagine if infidelity has the same graces… watch out now!

I sure hope I didn’t misspell anything…

Egg On,

Ramblin’ Rooster


Written by Ramblin' Rooster

September 25, 2008 at 4:02 am

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