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Tonight I went to a rock concert, just got back in fact. I guess you could call it a rock concert, don’t know what else to call it. I think it will be the last one I’ll ever go to. Weird thing is, I had a pretty good time, but I got that feeling like, “I’m too old” and “I don’t really belong here”.

I’m in no way a connoisseur of shows or concerts. I’ve only been to a handful in my life and none of them featured legendary performers. So my views are limited and my experience leaves me little to draw from. Here’s a short list of the highlights from tonight’s gala. Again, a quick disclaimer. I’m sure there are millions, (literally) of you out there that have way more exciting and adventurous concert going stories than mine, but alas, this is my blog and this is not about, “I had the craziest time ever at a show”. If you’d like to leave me comments about some awesome, insane, ludicrous concert moments, I’d love to hear them.

1. “Doors open at 7”. It’s probably just me, but I like to know when the show starts. I hate standing around waiting for it to begin. I’m not interested in getting to the front row, I just want to get there a few minutes before the show starts and get into the music. “It’s all about the music, man!”

2. “No mention of an opening band on ticket”. I’m not real big on finding out the life stories of musicians I listen to, or the displaying of their posters/photographs. I also didn’t “research” the events of the show, (didn’t think I needed to). The opening band came out and it took me three songs to firmly decide that this was in fact an opening band and not the band I had paid to see. They weren’t very good, (at least to me) and I felt bored and disappointed that I was wasting my time with them.

3. “The REAL show finally starts”. Never fails, the crowd always congests for the main act. The crowd becomes thick, the bodies start to sweat, the bumping, kicking and pushing starts and for me it’s all I can do to remain calm. I’m somewhat against the “human contact” thing, especially strangers, sweaty ones in particular. The band I saw was very good though.

4. “The marijuana train pulls out of the station”. I don’t smoke pot, nor do I condemn it, but being surrounded by non-stop clouds does get a little tiresome after awhile. How much pot does one really have to smoke to ensure that nothing from this night will be retained? I’d guess nine pounds.

5. “Girl in front of me vomits”. We already have a very limited amount of space here and this girl decides to crouch down and vomit on the floor. Great.

6. “Couple start dancing through the vomit”. Nuff said…

7. “Fight breaks out”. A concert just wouldn’t be a concert unless a fight broke out. Nothing says peace, love and rockin’ out like tempers flying, testosterone rising and fists swinging.

8. “Concert is over. Hearing loss begins”. I love the gift of sound and hearing is a real, favorite hobby of mine. When I got out of the show, my ears were killing me. I felt like I was under water or just had a bomb go off beside my head. Then the headache sank in. I don’t support, “…turning it to eleven.”

BONUS – Here’s a tip: Never wear flip flops to a rock concert.

So I guess all in all its just depressing. I’ve become an old, crabby man and my life isn’t even half over.

On a lighter note, next weekend I’m going to Sunnyville Nursing Home to relax and play some dominos. Come out and join me if you’re in the area.

Egg On,

Ramblin’ Rooster


Written by Ramblin' Rooster

September 29, 2008 at 5:02 am

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