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Tired Topic Still Poignant

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Yes, it’s been said before. What hasn’t been? Still, it needs to be said time and time again by all of us until something changes. That statement would be, “Doctors and scientists, you’re letting us down.”

I don’t mean to overlook, take for granted or dismiss the wonderful things modern medicine has provided us. It’s a good feeling knowing you no longer have to fear losing a limb if you go to see the doctor about a tooth ache or having leeches placed on your body to “cleanse” the poison and/or evil spirits out of you. All in all it’s a great time to get sick.

Yes, modern medicine helps people. Yes, modern medicine has come along way. Yes, modern medicine has come up with wonderful things. At the same time, modern medicine has branched out and taken some very dark paths to meaningless places. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t purely for the money. Balding, erectiledysfunction, and obesity are the three that jump to mind. We’ll overlook cosmetic surgery, though it really does need a good ass kickin’. For the simple fact that I’m ignorantly going to say that these doctors wouldn’t be wasting their time in the lab, cracking the codes if they stopped filling the world with fake boobs, new noses and tossing bags of fat into the trash.

Do you honestly believe the doctor who invented the “little blue pill” was thinking, “I really want to help people and save the world”? Or that another doctors thought to themselves, “If only I could give people their hair back, the world would finally know peace and harmony”? I honestly don’t know myself, but I’m willing to venture that they didn’t think about anything else but cold, hard, crazy money.

It’s just too bad that saving the world isn’t a bigger money maker. If you think about though, very few jobs work around the system that if you do your job extremely well, eventually you’ll make it obsolete. I’ve always heard conspiracy theorists say, “Doctors don’t want to make you better, ’cause then you’ll never come back”. The same can be said about auto mechanics. In that sense, if we use an analogy, you’re car is going to have troubles someday, no matter how well you treat it. If you come to me and I fix it right, hopefully you’ll tell your friends and come back to see me again in the future.

I guess I don’t get why more people aren’t screaming out that there’s a LONG list of things more important than fat, bald, impotent guys wandering the streets.

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Ramblin’ Rooster

Written by Ramblin' Rooster

October 12, 2008 at 5:26 am