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Buying A New Car

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You’d think that in our modern world that everything would keep pace with the rapid advancements of technology. It’s no joke that as soon as you buy a electronic gadget, it’s out of date. I recently bought a new car and was astounded by the fact that nothing has changed in selling style, since it’s conception.

It all began with a flyer in the mail. It was for little, gas efficient cars at amazing low prices. I joked with the wife that I should trade my V-8, gas guzzler in for a compact car to save on gas. She said, “Sure. Go check it out.” I spent about four hours one day at a dealership and was about to be lead into buying a $14,000 MSRP car for $20,000. The wife told me I needed to walk away, which I did. Later she advised me that if I was serious about buying a car, it should be a car I actually wanted and not just a car from a circular in the mail. I actually did a little research, (little being the key word) this time before buying. I even drove out to a small town from where I live to look at the particular model I was after. It had been in an accident, so I walked again. Finally I went to another lot locally and found the model I was after icluding color and extras I was interested in.

This is where the whole old style of selling kicks in. My sales associate did the whole, “Let me go ask my manager” bit. Where they walk off and count to 50, then come back with another line of bull. We do a few of these back and forth things, until he can see I’ve reached my limit. Honestly, why can’t car dealers loose the slime and just be real with you. I think I’d been more inclined to buy a car, even more rashly or on impulse, if they just shot from the hip. Anyway, as I’m working on price, I bring up the cost of tag, title and tax. The sales associate tells me that they’re having a promotion of tossing a football from twenty yards into the back of a pick-up to win it. I told him that I was going to make it, no doubt, even though earlier I had seen a guy try who was twice my size not even hit the truck. He kind of smiled and told me no one had made it yet. The hours start slipping away and I’m to the point where I want to leave. This prompts the manager coming over to make his “final, low as I can go offer”. It’s pretty good, but I ask if I can go home and think about it. At home the wife and I go ’round and ’round about it. I eventually call the sales associate and tell him I’m going to pass.

Later on in the evening, the wife, out of the blue says, “You should buy that car.” So I rush down there, right before closing, find the manager and say, “I changed my mind, I want the car.” We do the initial paper work then go outside to “throw the football”. The manager is laughing as he gets the football from the bed of the truck, because it’s been raining, the ball is wet and slick and has three times the amount of air inside it suppose to. It’s a total carnival game. This football is like a super, bouncy ball. As I walk back to the line to throw, the manager tells me how a local, former, hot-shot, college quarterback only made 2 out of 10 attempts. I get to the line, dry the ball off best I can on my shirt and “let’er rip”. It was like throwing a watermelon. As luck would have it, I made it, straight in, right over the tail gate. The manager gets mad and I start screaming like a drunken, sports, fanatic. He throws the ball back at me, partly as a joke to hit me and partly as a way to vent his frustration to hit me. I catch the ball and we start to walk in to finish the paper work. I ask him, “Do you want me to throw it again?” He tells me, “Sure.” I toss it again and it banks off the back window and goes in. It was awesome. I’d never felt so macho before in my whole life.

The best part was driving home and calling the wife to proudly tell her I’d won tag, title and tax.

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Ramblin’ Rooster

Written by Ramblin' Rooster

October 13, 2008 at 4:34 am