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Popularity Made The Universe, It Will Destroy It

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Whether it’s the Presidential election, best song of the day or the Anywhere-USA elementary school pageant, popularity decides the fate. Sounds logical enough, but what if the popular vote is wrong?

Everything in the universe has a name. How did it get it? It got a name because someone said, “This is called a rzumpfufger.” Then the person standing next to him said, “OK.” Then that person got to be the smart one, when yet another person was ignorant and heard, “This is called a rzumpfufger.” So on and so on and so on…

I’ve actually wasted time being part of philosophical debates that were about, “Why is a table called a table? If it were called a shamurk, would it not function as a table?” Yes it would, but if you were asked, “Where are my keys?” and you replied, “They’re on the shamurk” no one would know what you were talking about. For a table is called a table, because everyone has accepted the name.

You might be to the point of saying to yourself, “What is the point to all this nonsense?” My point is that leaving the world’s future in the hands of popularity is beyond frightening, it’s dangerous.

All you need to make some radical, insane, deadly idea viable is acceptance by a majority.

If I was a lunatic and wanted to round up every person who wore white sneakers, have them jailed and eventually executed, most people would be against it. If I took the idea to the streets, started selling it to impressionable youth, the insecure young adult, the bored middle aged and the forgotten elderly I might start changing some minds. If I began a huge ad campaign, with limitless financial resources, playing the ad every half hour on the hour on every channel in the world, I might start changing some minds. If I promised to give every person who supported me a free pair of black sneakers, I might start changing some minds. Now, let’s just say that all this effort paid off and that the majority of those who thought I was a lunatic, now believed I was a genius. Solving the world of the hideous problem of bright, white sneakers. Let’s go further and say that my new law of: No one may wear white sneakers ever or they will be killed, was passed and enforced globally.

What has happened? Something crazy became the norm. Why? Because enough people bought into it. Sane citizens were broken, beaten, worn down, desensitized to an issue of outrageous proportion and now it’s as though there was never a time when white sneakers were allowed, like they never existed.

The scariest part of this scenario is that the next radical, insane, deadly idea will be much easier to pass. You see it all the time in today’s world. Horrible facts coming out that people just turn away from and the guilty walk away from with little or no consequence.

It’s not OK to always go with the flow, to always swim with the tide, to always take the direstion of the earth at face value.

If it rubs you the wrong way, fight the irritation, don’t look for ways to adjust to the friction.

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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

October 20, 2008 at 4:22 am