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Gratuitous Gratuity

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To leave a tip or not leave a tip, that is the question. Whether it is nobler to suffer the humiliation of outrageous lack of fortune… or something like that.

I know that this is a very sensitive topic. Those who are in the profession, I’m sure have very strong feelings for tipping, but there are those who feel the opposite, (of course). Why do we have tipping, where did it come from and why does it seem to only be for the fancy food situation? I say fancy food, because it is not customary to tip in the drive-thru at Burger-Mart. I guess you’re suppose to tip bellhops, valets, taxi drivers and the like, but having never been exposed to that “lifestyle” I’m without the proper background. If you feel the need, please apply the following comments to those vocations as needed.

I think tipping should be abolished. It’s meaningless in value and only further complicates our social functioning. Tipping is solely based on percentage, therefore is void in merit because it is not a measure of quality or hard work. I know from time to time, one might say, “They didn’t bring me enough coffee, so I’m not going to tip very much” or something like that. Usually though, it never happens and most people pay out the 15 to 20% regardless of the experience.

I think people in the food industry should just be paid a straight wage. It’s really not fair to pay someone off a “total amount of check” percentage. If I go to “Mid-level dining world”, order a steak that costs $12.99, does the waiter/waitress work any harder bring me a steak that costs $25.99 from “Ultra-Supreme dining world”? No. So why should they get a bigger tip just because the food is a higher price? Perhaps if the wages were of a competitive market value, negating the need for tipping, the caliber of staff would rise and thus business volume, which would cover the higher cost of overhead.

America is eat-out crazy. We all love to do it. The market share is huge and it’s not going away. I think a restaurant that built a platform of “tipping is not allowed” would pack the house day and night. Who wouldn’t love being free of the angel-devil struggle on their shoulder every time the check arrived. “How much do I leave? Do I have the balls to stiff them? I’m not happy, but here’s extra money.” You already gouge us enough on drinks and appetizers, just let us pay for the meal and go.

Basically, it’s not fair for anyone. The rest of us working in offices and other crappy jobs are exempt from even the thought of being tipped. When’s the last time you tipped a cop, bus driver, fireman, baker, accountant or doctor? That’s right, never. It’s an outdated, old-fashioned custom that needs to be overcome. Let it go and let’s move on.

If you’d like to tip me for this blog, please use my pay-pal account. For all those in the food service reading this, please don’t spit in my food.

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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

November 9, 2008 at 4:57 am