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Perhaps you feel like you’re all alone, like you’re invisible, or that no one cares. You just might be right, except for the being alone part. With 87 billion people on the planet, it’s pretty hard to be alone.

On the other hand, you might feel special. We’re all special, each and every 92 billion of us. Special in our own way and that’s a whole lot of special. It amazes me the planet can sustain that much specialness. Where does all that specialness come from? If someone dies, does their specialness transfer into a new born child? Is special like energy, can it ever really die?

Well here’s a little exercise that will bring you down from atop “I’m Special” mountain. Think of something, anything, like an activity. Maybe something you wish you were even doing at this very moment, say nude hang gliding with midget, Brazilian, bikini models. Got it? OK. Now accept the fact that someone, somewhere in the world is doing that right now. Now try to think of something “far out”, something that you would never do, something that might even disgust you, say nude hang gliding with midget, Brazilian, bikini models. Got it? OK. Now accept the fact that someone, somewhere in the world is doing that right now. The point is there’s nothing that you can imagine that isn’t being done by someone on the planet at this very instant, or maybe their just finishing up or just starting, but you get the point.

Why even your name sake leaves something to be desired. I guess if you’re the product of super hippies and you carry a name like Sugar Flower Mama Rainbow, you might stand a chance at being the one and only, but don’t get too cocky about it. Someone, somewhere will remember your name, take a liking to it and then one day, BOOM they name their child Sugar Flower Mama Rainbow. That’s just how it goes.

The humbling thing about “world realization” is that it takes the pressure off. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it can make you suicidal if you let it, so don’t. Instead, let yourself bath in the comfort that you’re a fleeting moment in history, a blink of an eye, a fart in the wind, here today gone tomorrow. How can this make you feel good, you might be asking? Take the barrel out of your mouth, I can’t understand you.

The feeling of comfort comes from knowing you’ll never be last, the worst, the fattest, the ugliest, the most dumb, the most unpopular, the most or “est” anything. Also, nothing you can do will be the worst or destroy the world or ruin the universe. You’re completely free to just live. Live any life you want, after all everyone’s too busy to notice.

It’s OK to feel good and bad about yourself, as long as you stay in touch and check yourself. You have 187 billion brothers and sisters and the house is getting smaller. Just be happy you got a piece of pie at all.

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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

November 26, 2008 at 5:16 am

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