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The Good Ol’ Days When People Were Quiet

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You know what’s sad? I’m an old man way before my time. I don’t know what’s caused this premature aging of my personality, but I’m really confused. I have a juvenile sense about me, in that I enjoy hobbies and activities that most “grown ups” consider to be childish and I’ve always seemed to be able to get down to a kids level given the situation of interaction with them, but yet I look at the world and wonder. Things like, “What the hell has happened to the world?” “What’s wrong with you the youth of today?” and “Get off my lawn!”

I feel almost like an old man poser, (golly is there such a thing?). I was born before cordless phones, cable television and VCRs, but I don’t feel like I’ve lived long enough to turn on humanity. I’m just getting to the weird pains stage, the food seems more rewarding than sex stage and the I don’t care what my hair looks like part of life. How can I be ready to punch these whippersnappers in the face?

This all came about, I think, because of cell phones and reality TV. Sure there has always been the crazy person at the bus stop, (or any other place where you’re forced to sit and wait, not being able to leave) that would tell you their life story and any other thought that passed through their head, but it’s like the whole world is that crazy person at the bus stop.

When did people stop keeping secrets? When did people let go of needing to have a private personal life? When did everything you ever did, will do, want to do or think about become public domain? Have you ever had a moment when you were asked something about your life, or day, or plans and you refused to “open up” about it? You might as well have pulled down your pants and defecated on their shoes they’re so offended. Now days you’re an outsider if you’re not broadcasting yourself to the world.

Think about it. Let’s say they had cell phones in 1950. Do you think that people would have been walking down the street discussing their medical test results for everyone to hear? No they wouldn’t. You can always find one of “those people” anywhere who doesn’t care, but the majority of people would have been more discreet, more private, and displayed more courtesy. If you rather, how about reality TV. Do you think if you approached a teenager (or early twenties-ager) in 1950 and said, “Hey you want to be on a TV show that just follows you around and films you doing everyday mundane stuff? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, you have to drink in excess and make out with three people a day. And it’d be awesome if you could get naked and swim in a fountain” they’d be like, “Hell yaz!” Do you think anybody would have watched it? Imagine people who actually wanted to be accepted and respected in society, (and by their parents. Yes kids at one time in our history children actually wanted to make their parents proud).

People used to get embarrassed. People use to have humility. People use to wear full-body, wool bathing suits. I guess we’ve just progressed to this point from all the constraint and rules of etiquette that oppressed us. Now it’s a free for all and there’s no stopping us.

But you’re right, no one would have read this blog in 1950 either. Touché.

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Ramblin’ Rooster

Written by Ramblin' Rooster

December 6, 2008 at 4:46 am

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