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Why Are We All Rude Drivers?

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This is something I’m definitely guilty of, no chance of being hypocritical here. I’m telling you this is me too. Maybe I should sit in the corner and talk to myself about all of this rather than “blog it out”.

Driving has become one of the worst forums for instant anger, unnecessary violence and unmerited hatred. I don’t believe I’ve ever been in a car with anyone who I haven’t seen get upset behind the wheel at some point in their driving career, including me. Granted I’m talking about people I’ve seen drive on many, many occasions, but still it’s all of them. Even those I haven’t witnessed while being in the car with them, I’ve witness as the dreaded “other car”. Meaning everyone everywhere is this way.

The number one thing that makes people angry while driving is the driver that acts or seems like they believe themselves to be the only person on the road. They might suddenly and slowly move into your lane even though you clearly are in possession of the space they want to occupy. Could be that they’re driving in the far left lane, when suddenly a light bulb illuminates and they discover that they need to turn or exit at the street they are about to pass. So of course they make a two, three, four or even five lane right hand turn. Is that wrong? Perhaps they want to turn, so they turn on their blinker, but are overtaken with panic and dementia so they can’t remember where it is they want to turn. Is it the blinking that has distracted them? These are the people that never turn, but are always ready to because the blinker is always on.

The most common behavior or driving that has always confused me, though I don’t why, is what appears to be a natural desire or need to never be the car behind. I know the reason is the typical American, egocentric, pressure preached, ideology of being number one, but it’s not a race or a contest. I don’t get a bonus if I make to work before you do. I don’t get 10% off if I beat you to Super-Discount-Mart. So why then does everyone feel they have to accelerate, pass and then get in front of you just to turn? I realize that seconds add up to minutes and minutes add up to hours and hours add up to days, so that hypothetically you could be saving years over your life time by endangering your safety on the road. Makes sense!

Speeding is another wonderful tool for angering people on the road. Those who speed can offend and quite possibly piss off or at the very least draw some negative energy from people who disapprove of speeding just by passing them. I’m sure that all the speeders in the world can admit, if they can be honest, that they’ve seen the fact that speeding in a city doesn’t really save any time. Oh, you may catch a light here or there, but eventually you’ll have the experience of speeding pass someone to get to a red light only to look over and see the person you passed pulling up next to you.

I love road rage because it makes the least likely of people act in ways that contradicts their stereotypical behavior. I’m talking about old people flippin’ the bird, especially old women. It may sound sick, but I just love it when I see old people givin’ the finger. I also enjoy, when I’m calm, cool-headed, and collected, seeing people exploding with anger. It’s the best when they’re actually yelling at you with their face close to the glass as if by being inches closer you’ll be able to hear them. The part I hate about road rage is seeing parents with young children in the car being pushed to the point where they’re either using language that would make sailors cry or driving erratically.

So why are we all such rude drivers? It’s because we’re such rude people. Don’t give me that “I’m nice, I let people in, I don’t cut people off, etc.” because everybody has their moments of laziness when they let their rudeness down. It happens, but don’t worry, you’ll be back to being rude and thoughtless in no time, just keep driving.

See you out on the road… You want to race to different destinations?

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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

December 13, 2008 at 7:19 am