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Archive for December 15th, 2008

Being Naked As A State Of Mind

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If you’ve ever had to do something nerve racking in front of people, give a speech, go on stage or seen a movie or television show that has a similar scenario, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the phrase, “Just pretend the audience is their underwear.” Perhaps you’ve been the one saying it. It’s supposed to ease the jitters and shakes because nothing is more humiliating than attending theatre events in your underwear. As you know, once someone is humiliated in front of you it’s hard to feel nervous. Never mind that the average person in an audience is someone you wouldn’t want to see in their underwear because the point is not visual enjoyment, but rather public shame. Why would this make me feel less nervous? I’ve been around real life humans, literally in their underwear, yet never had the notion of performance sweep over me.

This quaint little cliché did however inspire me to this thought, “Live your life as though you were naked.” Chew on that for a minute.

What would you do if you found yourself naked at work? Just out of the blue, for no reason, no warning of any kind, just boom, naked. You’d freak out, right? You’d run, you’d hide, you’d grab files and try to cover your genitals, etc. Why? Because nobody wants to be naked, it’s too… well naked.

No think of all the bad relationships you’ve had. Not just romantic ones, platonic ones as well. What made them bad? OK, I guess that’s a little too broad of a question. I’ll just throw out dishonesty because: A) I’m sure it’s on the list and B) I need it to make my next point. Dishonesty usually results in someone trying to hide something from another person, (no kidding? Tell us more genius!). Whether it’s because they’re scared or ashamed is irrelevant. It comes down to people not being truthful with themselves.

If you like porn don’t be ashamed of it, just don’t date someone who hates it and if you do, be upfront about needing your “quality alone time”. If you like church and God and it’s important that you associate with those who are the same level as you, don’t be scared, just let it out and see who scurries away and who sticks around.

If we all embraced what it is that we loved, liked, disliked, hated, cared about and didn’t care about our lives would be much better. Imagine how nice it would be for all to see who we are worn upon our sleeves as bright as the sun, shinning brightly amongst the strangers of world. We could then quickly decide to approach or move along.

If we imagined ourselves to be naked all the time, with nothing to hide, nothing to fear, nothing to regret, we could make better decisions, feel better about ourselves which would provide enrichment in our relationships and promote a more positive outlook on life.

If you found yourself naked in the grocery store and decided that instead of screaming and running to your car, vowing you’ll never be able to return to this store for as long as you live, you’d just finish your shopping. There you are walking down the bread aisle, buck naked, free, not embarrassed, not ashamed, indifferent to the stares, (both rude and creepy), just shopping. Can you imagine the power? You would have overcome every social obstacle ever thought of. How cool would that be?

So instead of being afraid of telling your next date that you love being spanked, just smile and say to yourself, “This is me, this is who I am, I’m naked and I’m free.”

If you can’t deal with it, then into the closet you go!

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