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Random Thoughts Volume 2

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Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. They do however throw parties, serve alcohol and invite friends over to drink for hours on end.

You know how most cars and trucks are dirty? A lot of the time “funny people” write in the dirt, cute little messages like “wash me” of “Kilroy was here”. Today I saw a dirty, dusty, macho-blazed truck, decked out with a lift kit, giant mudders and custom parts up, down and all around that had a house with a tree, (drawn by a child from the appearance) etched in the grime on the driver side, rear, quarter panel. I thought that was really different.

“Clean as a whistle” – can some explain the origin of this cliché to me? Seriously! Clean as a whistle? Clean as something that, for all practical purposes, is spit into while being used and rarely, if ever, gets washed. Whistles are disgusting!

Why are “pants” plural? Is it because of the two legs? A pair of pants, is that four legs? Shoes and socks can be shoe and sock, but change pants to pant and you’ve totally lost the meaning and the crowd. A pant suit isn’t pants suit, only a single pant there. “Jeans” is the same way. If you’re wearing it below the belt, they’re jeans, but make it into a jacket and you lose the “S”. It’s not a Jeans jacket, (I guess people say it both ways). Maybe it just sounds too weird to say, “Take off your pant” or “I didn’t wash your jean with the sweaters” but that’s only because were used to it being the other way.

Q: What do you call crotchless, thong underwear?

A: A belt.       (I’m sorry this wasn’t at the bottom and upside down)

This entry marks my 100th blog.

Congratulations Ramblin’ Rooster. Why thank you Ramblin’ Rooster.

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December 18, 2008 at 6:10 am