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Overeating Is Overly Easy

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You might say that overeating can be blamed on American culture or society as a whole. You might say overeating is the fault of your parents or their parents or their parent’s parents. You might say it’s your own damn fault. Regardless of whom you want to blame, if you even want to blame someone, you can’t deny that overeating is a very simple thing to do.

If you’re dinning out at a restaurant that you order a specified plate, the portion they bring is always to much, but yet most of us find a way to put in our stomach. If you dine at a buffet, obviously the problem is too many trips through the line(s). Maybe it’s because you think you want your moneys worth or you can’t help the feeling of “get all you can”. If you’re at home, then it’s probably just poor judgment.

In all of these cases, for me, I seem to overeat because I usually wait too long in between meals. By the time I get around to eating, I’m so hungry that it feels like I’m eating for three to sustain life through the winter.

Although it’s trite, the holidays add an abundance of food that is easily assessable. Those of us that fall victim to eating out of boredom are particularly vulnerable. Everywhere you go there seems to be a plate, dish or tray sitting out just begging for your attention.

All of this aside, it’s amazing to me how stupid the human really is. No matter how many times I stuff my face, bloat my belly or give birth to ninety pound, dead bacteria babies I can seem to stop myself from making the same mistake. Over and over again I eat way too much and then complain that I overate, as if by some coincidence four adult size portions of pie will make me sick not only last week, but today as well. Is my body actually trying to communicate with me?

All I can say is that loosening my belt helps and it’s sad to be a living stereotype.

Egg On!

Ramblin’ Rooster


Written by Ramblin' Rooster

December 27, 2008 at 5:33 am

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