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Is It Wrong To Kill Insects?

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When I was a boy I did some cruel things to insects. My brother, cousin and I once tortured crickets in the basement with an old school electric train set. I also use to take two grasshoppers and holding them by their hind legs would put them face to face and make them fight. I have killed a spider of twenty in my day and of course I also burned ants with a magnifying glass. But all kids do that, right? Does this mean I’m going to hell?

Apes/monkeys have opposable thumbs. Kurt Cobain told me, “it’s all right to eat fish ‘cause they don’t have any feelings” and most four legged animals taste good after being barbequed. So does that mean insects are meaningless?

When you think of the genius of most insects, it seems like a shame to kill them senselessly. Their accomplishments and functionality are amazing. Their achievements far outweigh those of man. We could never do, endure or prosper like the majority of insects, yet they are so easy to squish.

So is their only downfall the predator, better known as man, or are we slowly becoming the prey of this overgrowing population of cunning life forms?

Even though I have committed crimes against insects in my early years, I have since changed my ways. I have made friends with a lot of the insects in the world and think I live reasonably well with them. I don’t mind if a lady bug lands on my arm or a butterfly. I let spiders go about their business in the corner of the room and I try to avoid stepping on miscellaneous other bugs while walking somewhere.

Having said this, there are some insects that just can’t be overlooked when it comes to prejudice. There are those that I will still kill at will or on sight. My general rule is that any insect that attacks me is fair game for warfare. The first one is the mosquito. Anything that wants to suck blood must die, period. Next up is the fly. Now it’s not just that they love to dive bomb me and buzz in my ear, (even though I do somewhat enjoy that Doppler Effect) it’s the vomiting thing when they land and their fetish for feces. It’s just to disgusting to forgive. That brings us to the cockroach. Again, the cockroach appears to be somewhat harmless, it stays out of sight, runs away when the light comes on, but it’s just so nasty that “crunch” is all I can think of when I see them.

In the end I guess there is no right or wrong answer and really who’s able to judge what lives or dies. One thing for sure, insects are here to stay and their numbers increase more rapidly than ours. So watch out if you’re an advocate of “bug killing”, you might just get yours in the end by 500,000 angry ants.

I sure hope there aren’t any giants in the world that might come step on me.

Egg On!

Ramblin’ Rooster


Written by Ramblin' Rooster

January 7, 2009 at 5:26 am

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