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Overall I’m a person who wants to make people happy. I like to do things for people, like running errands or small favors and such. This is odd because I’m not the friendliest of folks. The more I’m around people, the more I don’t like them. They’re frustrating and difficult and I never know for sure what they’re truly feeling or thinking. Plus you can’t trust anyone with anything. The time I like people the most is when I am all alone, which as you should know by now got my wheels a’turnin’.


Tonight’s mindless head trip is, “Could you live alone an island” or would you breakdown and yearn to be around the people that drive you nuts?


In effort to get us all on the same page and weed out the some of the “endless questions” of this hypothetical nonsense of a question, we need to establish a couple of things to make this easier. First of all, you are granted with the knowledge of survival, (so even the most pathetically domesticated of us can play too). The island is vegetated and able to sustain life, (there’s an ample food supply, materials for making shelters, etc.) We can even pretend that you have your own little ‘Gilligan’s Island’ one man palace if you’d like. It doesn’t matter where it’s located or how you got there, so please don’t waste your time or get off track. Let us also pretend that we could have the gift of magical amenities. You can have a electricity, plumbing, shower, toilet, a TV, gaming console, computer/internet, (with the exception of using for chatting or communicating with others) and laundry facilities, (and anything else you can think of that you would need that doesn’t violate the “No contact with the outside world” rule.) There are no scary monsters on the island either.


The question is simply, “would you go live on an island by yourself if you could?”


Immediately a lot of people are going to say no. They’re quite aware of their dependence on other humans and know that if they can’t go an afternoon sitting by themselves alone in their own house, they wouldn’t make it through the night on the island. By the same token a few will blurt out that they’d go. Whether it’s to be different from the crowd or because they owe thousands to the IRS, they’ll say they just want to “get away from it all”. Most of these people wouldn’t make it either. Only the ones that wouldn’t make a sound after being asked would be the ones you’d have to worry about. The ones whose eyes would glaze over and a far away glare would wash over their face as they drifted off into heavy thought. Those are the people that are really “mulling it over” and will probably be thinking about it for days.


It’s huge to think about giving up people. People are probably the most used and abused thing on this planet. All of us are a junkie to some extent. So, would you do it?


Let me know, OK? ‘Cause if you’re going, then I can’t.


Egg On!

Ramblin’ Rooster


4 Responses

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  1. Hi, I actually lived alone for a year on a beautiful tropical island. You can read the story here ….

    Cheyenne Morrison

    January 12, 2009 at 8:00 am

    • Hi, I’m Cheyenne Morrison and I’m dropping a shameless plug for my web site… blah, blah, blah. Oh well, you heard him folks, go read the story.

      Ramblin' Rooster

      January 13, 2009 at 7:05 am

    • Hi, unfortunately your website doesn’t seem to work… Seems that you are even more crazy than us about tropical islands!
      I have a question: My husband and me would love to stay for a while on Nanuku Levu Island. Do you know this islet / have you been there? Do you have any idea if it is possible to stay there and if yes: Who do we have to contact?
      It would be great to have your reply.
      Until then… happy island collecting!


      February 23, 2010 at 1:41 am

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