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There is a world in which we all live that we need to see and experience shocking events. There are many times in which we all desire to fulfill our appetites for mayhem and destruction. Sometimes it may be buildings blowing up or general warfare. Maybe it can be a good cop bad cop shoot ‘em up flick or a bloody, slasher movie. Driving seems to be the perfect time to seek and feed your desire to see dead people.

If I’m out on the road and traffic is bumper to bumper on the highway, (which by the way is somewhat uncommon where I live. Sorry big city folks), I instantly get angry and stressed out. You might even hear the phrase, “There better be somebody dead up there” being uttered from my clinched lips. It’s not as if dead people will make it better, or save me any time, so I don’t know why I say that. Oh yeah, anger, that’s right. In fact, if there was an accident ahead that was the cause of the traffic hold up I would feel really bad. Not only for the people involved, especially if anyone was seriously hurt, but also just for the fact that it would be a jackass moment. You know the one, like the moment one might feel after walking into a room with sad looking faces and saying, “Wow, did someone die?” then finding out that in deed someone did die.

Nevertheless, the carnage of car accidents is fascinating. We all enjoy rubbernecking as we drive by. Everyone wants to see it. What happened, what’s going on and other general nosey parker inquisitions invade our minds. The worst the accident is, the more excited we become. No one wants to see a minor fender bender. We want to see crushed, mangled, upside down cars, broken glass, huge pieces missing or hanging off the frame. Deployed air bags are good and blood is always a plus. Some of us are even lucky enough to actually witness the accident occur, which would be the best way to see one, all the pleasure and none of the waiting.

It’s odd that something that is so horrible would be welcomed by a vast majority of people. I’d even venture to guess that a lot of people would stop in the middle of their Italian dinner, (Italian because of the common use of marinara sauce and its closeness to blood), to look at graphic pictures of car accidents. Why there’s even a web site dedicated to the misfortune. Yet we all pray that it never happiness to us and if we are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident, we feel the pain, headache and multiple tiered complications and difficulties that it causes. Suddenly we’re not such big fans of the car accident, but we still don’t mind watching it happen to others.

Hope we never meet by accident.

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Ramblin’ Rooster

Written by Ramblin' Rooster

January 17, 2009 at 2:34 am

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