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Spare Change

By Justice Noby


[I thought we’d take a break from the Ramblings of the Rooster and share with you a story that one of my friends wrote. I don’t particularly like this story or poem or whatever the heck it is, but I owed him money and couldn’t pay. This is what we worked out instead.]


The nickel is no longer shiny

The one I barely notice laying on the street because it’s so dull and dingy

It blends into the old and faded concrete as if to punish itself for being discarded

I wonder what happened to it

Why was it thrown away, discarded, abandoned

I turn the nickel to view both sides, an unproductive, useless habit of mine

I note the year and read the inscriptions

“In God We Trust”… maybe

“Liberty*1992”… this nickel isn’t even a teenager yet

“E PLURIBUS UNIM”… whatever the hell that means

Funny how people are all irate about people speaking Spanish and here’s Latin, a dead language mind you, on the most precious of all American possessions

“MONTICELLO”… is that the name of this building? I thought it was like the Jefferson monument… man, am I ever stupid

How does something of value become wasted?

It might not be of much value, but it’s valued all the same

And someone thought nothing more of it than garbage

Or perhaps they merely dropped it

Even so, it meant not even putting forth the effort of bending over to retrieve it

Oh well, it’s mine now

Who cares you say?

Think of throwing a nickel away for every dollar you earn

Not so insignificant now is it

So I take the nickel

Not for building wealth

But because I dislike wastefulness

And I hate to see a lonely nickel


[I told ya…]


Egg On!

Ramblin’ Rooster


Written by Ramblin' Rooster

January 23, 2009 at 6:43 am

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