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Shoes Made For Sitting

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I’m not much into fashion. I’m not really even into clothes that much. What’s the difference? In my mind a person that is into fashion would be more into the trendiness of clothes, recognizable names, maybe even design whereas a person into clothes may or may not care about “what’s hot” and just really likes buying and wearing certain types of clothes. I’m nowhere near either one of these kinds of people. I wear clothes because if I didn’t I’d go to jail.


That being said, I also don’t know anything about clothes or more importantly the manufacturers of them. I can’t tell you the difference between the cheap brand and the expensive brand or if it even matters. The latter I think has taken a toll on me and thus I am at a crossroads of sorts.


When it comes to my feet, I buy the cheapest shoes on the planet. My shoes are so cheap that they come in a plain white box with black letters that say, “Shooz”, (you know like chez on food packages because they can’t say its cheese of it’s really not?).


Every pair of shoes I own makes a sound when I walk. Some squeak, some whistle, some seem flatulent, and some act like they’re being hurt with every step I take.


So I wonder if it’s because they’re so cheap or if I’m just so hard on my shoes that they wear out and are actually asking to be retired by making sound. I wonder if they’re trying to embarrass me.


Of course I’ve never owned an expensive pair of shoes. I’ve met some people who have strapped some serious cash to their feet, but I’ve never exceeded twenty dollars.


So my questions are; do expensive shoes really make a difference? Do expensive shoes squeak? Should I break down and buy an expensive pair of shoes? So seriously, let me know, all you expensive shoe owners, what your shoe experience is like.


I’m not asking about women’s shoes. One, I think all women’s shoes are expensive because the shoe companies know that women love shoes. Secondly, I don’t wear women’s shoes.


I guess if they were comfortable and went with more than three outfits, I might try a pair.


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Ramblin’ Rooster


Written by Ramblin' Rooster

February 1, 2009 at 5:42 am

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