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Rock Star Singers Take A Seat

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Music is a very large pool, an ocean if you will, a vast body that seems to span both time and space. It’s also cool to listen too. There have been numerous people who have left a distinguishable mark, be it positive or negative, in the subject of music over the centuries. There are so many wonderful composers, writers, players and groups that you almost feel dizzy thinking of all the magic that’s been released into the universe.


It always makes me giggle deep inside my subconscious when I hear people talk about popular music, I can’t help it. Admittedly, it’s only funny when someone says something like, “(Insert a band/performer you don’t like here) is the greatest thing in the history of the world!” Not to knock (whatever band/performer you chose before), but come on. I love popular music as much as the next rooster, but you can’t compare even the best of pop artists to anyone who’s a master of classical or jazz music. Even if you don’t care for that kind of music, you can’t deny the genius behind it and how it outshines, (intellectually) any pop music. For goodness sakes, Tommy Lee couldn’t even make it on the high school band as a percussionist, (see his short lived reality show for details). That’s what popular music is, fleeting, disposable and short lived.


One thing I love about pop music is rock and roll singer clichés.

My three favorite are: Lead singers who…


  1. …get the audience to “clap along” with the music. Now I’ve been to shows and heard many live performances. I know that there are some hip audiences out there, but for the most part, your everyday person could clap with the beat to save their own life.
  2. …strap on guitars and then hold them the whole time. Maybe they strum a chord or two, during a chorus, but sometimes it doesn’t even seem like the amplifier is even turned on because you can’t hear them. I use to see it a lot in music videos, (a long time ago when I use to watch music videos and there was a channel that played nothing but music videos). Nothing looks more ridiculous than a “rock star” singer holding a guitar.
  3. …wear the ear plug/headphones and still manage to sound off key. I guess they wear those things to look serious or professional, which would seem to contradict being a “rocker”.
  4. …think I care at all about what they think. I love when the lead singer of “Death Hawk” wants to talk about how to help save the whales.


OK, I’m done now, but you know making fun of pop music is music to my ears.


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February 13, 2009 at 5:02 am