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Archive for February 16th, 2009

My Social Network And Me

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I’m tired of pretending I’m a robot or a professional wrestler, the truth is I just want to be loved. I want to have lots of friends; so many that I can’t remember all of their names. I want to be in a beer commercial. I want to throw a party that serves food, is crammed with people and there’s dancing on tables. Damn it, I want to live in a John Hughes movie, (well at least up to Home Alone).


So I figured the closest thing I could get to that would be joining a social network on the web. OK, truth is my bosses wanted me to join a social network in hopes of spreading the word of their website,, from which this blog is derived. (Whew, I hope they read that ‘cause self indulgent plugs like that really drain my soul.)


Anyway, I joined a social network a few weeks ago. What a shock it was. It seems really weird and difficult to make friends. I thought it was hard in the hen house, but man that’s easy compared to this.


My initial shock was that the social network I choose wasn’t really for meeting “new” people. Its purpose is to look for or find people you already know. Perhaps you lost touch after high school or stop talking after they went to jail, who knows, but what a great way to catch up with somebody. (Social network my eye!)


I sent a couple of “messages” to famous people, (or somewhat famous, at least famous enough not to be bothered by me). They never replied, go figure. I joined some groups and left comments, oh, I did send a message to a stranger who wasn’t famous. They never responded either. I tried several approaches over several days, but nothing happened for me.


I have to say that my favorite part of the whole experience, so far, has been the part where I check my “home page”, if you will. I have never seen such genius in being polite and semantically sensitive. Every time I clicked on messages or friends, I never got depressed, because never once did my social network tell me, “You have no friends”.


Perhaps I could just be friends with you social network program.


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