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Messin’ With My Boss

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As I mentioned before, I have one of those “cool bosses”. He has a really good sense of humor and allows me to mess with him in ways that are completely inappropriate. Sadly, screwing with him and playing pranks is the only part of my job that I like.


I realize that when it comes to practical jokes, it’s somewhat difficult to share them with other people. They just don’t seem that funny when you’re telling “what you did” to somebody. It’s too personal and too much of an “inside joke”, so I’ll spare you the long list of horrible things I’ve done to him. In the same breath I will give you a list of some disgusting jokes I subjected him to.


A few months ago I took a picture of my boss. I told him it was to show to my wife since I talk about him so much she wanted to know what he looked like, (always appeal to the ego when lying, if applicable). Of course all I really wanted was a picture of his face to do my evil deeds with.


My boss keeps a desk calendar by his computer, so I thought it would be funny to make my own calendar pages and insert them on every “Monday” page. So I made little pages that had his face on them with a caption or quote above it. The following is a list of those captions or quotes.


OK, I started to type them out, but they’re just too disgusting and the list if frightfully long, like 37 gay innuendos, (and that’s just too much). I will share my favorite though, just so you can get a taste of it. Now imagine a smiling face, just a head floating on a piece of paper with the words above it, “Veteran Spelunker of the Man Cave”.


I don’t know, maybe I should have just kept this to myself.


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

February 18, 2009 at 4:02 am

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