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Birds and Cages

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Most birds are pretty popular and some birds are darn right loved. Eagles and hawks are like rock stars or movie stars in the animal kingdom. Owls are admired, but they lack the power of the eagle and hawk. I think birds are so coveted because of the gift of flight. I bet if birds didn’t fly, no one would care about them at all. They’d just be rats with feathers. Look at the ostrich, nobody cares about an ostrich. I guess people love penguins and they don’t fly, but they’re awful classy with those tuxedos. Peacocks don’t fly either, do they? Again, they’re special because they have those fancy feathers. Wild birds capture a part of the imagination and speak to the spirit of man. It’s the freedom of the bird that we secretly or subconsciously are in love with.


So what about the non-wild birds like chickens? No one loves a chicken except at dinner time. Roosters get a little respect, probably a lot of that has to do with the double entendre of cock. Plus roosters are tough and can fight. Then there are the “pet” birds like parrots and cockatiels, (and like four hundred other kinds).


This of course brings us to the cage. It seems almost incomprehensible to think of putting a bird in a cage. “But I like to hear it sing.” So buy a CD of bird sounds. The most gifted of all animals, the ones that defy gravity itself aren’t able to break free from man and his cage. One could argue that the birds sold at shops are born and raised to be caged pets, so it’s not that bad to keep them in such a manner. Others may say how they let their bird out, how they’ve trained it to hang out in the kitchen while they make dinner or watch television. That’s great, but I think that deep down, somewhere inside each and every bird is a feeling of flight and regardless of how they’re kept or cared for, they want to spread their wings and go.


That led me to the thought of how we’re like birds in a way. We are capable of miraculous things, but a lot of us are stuck inside our own cage. That cage can be your horrible, disgusting, draining your soul, hate with all of your heart Sunday evening because you know you’re waking up to go to your job or it could be your house that you hardly ever leave, except maybe to get tacos.


Some people have never left the town that they were born in. Some people have never left the state. Some people have never left the country. Some people have been around the world. So maybe it’s not about whether or not you’re in a cage or not, but rather if you’re one of the lucky birds that gets to fly free.


I’m lucky to be given a computer to peck this blog. Thanks Farmer Brown!


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February 22, 2009 at 4:20 am