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Archive for March 18th, 2009

I Propose ‘Appreciation Week’ For Stimulus

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Seems like all I ever hear anymore is stimulus this and stimulus that, yet it never seems to be anything I’m all that interested in. You’d think that hearing the words stimulus and package together in the same sentence so much would put you in a juvenile happy place, but ultimately it just leaves a dry taste in my mouth. I’m not trying to say I’m for or against what is happening, but I can say that I think stimulus is needed in other places. For instance, with the morality and mindset of the American people, I have a stimulus package that could change Americans forever and it’s totally free.


Check it out; it’s so simple and easy. It’s called ‘Appreciation Week’. So often the problem in America is the people, always so ungrateful for what they have, always worried about things that don’t matter and always destroying lives out of greed and lust. It makes you want to lay down on the train tracks when you think that cats and dogs have it so much better than a lot of humans on this planet. Yet, I think this can easily be changed.


Much like the title alludes to, ‘Appreciation Week’ is a once a year, week long trial designed to give a person a new perspective where they can be appreciative for what they have and perhaps reduce the way they contribute to the ugliness of the world. Interviews would be given to everyone in America to find out what they most feared or would miss about their life. Sometime after the interview, a group of “black op” soldiers would show up at your house and kidnap you. Upon awaking, you’d find yourself living out that which you feared the most. Sound harsh? You bet! Because that’s what we all need, a good slap in the face, a good kick in the pants and something that will wake us up from our social coma.


OK, OK, before you get out of control complaining about my rampant insanity, the “fear” that all of us would be facing wouldn’t be something harmful. If you had said in your interview “I’m afraid of going to prison and being raped”, you wouldn’t be placed in prison and raped, (that kind of extreme action is a Plan C or D). Rather, imagine that you feared being blind, so for a week you where blindfolded and never allowed to take it off for anything. Maybe you said you were of afraid of being homeless, so for a week you were stripped of all your precious, material belongings and forced to wander the streets with nothing and no one to help you. Can you imagine the change that would give a person inside? Me neither, but I bet the result would be positive 98% of the time.


All I’m saying is that once you get too comfortable you start to turn like a tub of sour cream on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator that’s obstructed from view. You need to know that your precious life really is precious and that at any moment you could be in a very dark place, so maybe it’s not worth giving me the finger on the highway or parking in a handicap spot at the store when you are not qualified to do so. Maybe you have a damn good life that you’d hate to see go away, but can’t see it until part of it does for just one week.


You might think I’m crazy, but I’ve already done mine for this year. (Remember? One week without blogging)


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