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I Got Burned and Learned Never to Trust Again

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Internet shopping is all the rage these days and if I was forced to make a prediction by looking into my crystal ball I’d say that it’s the wave of the future. It’s kind of hard to imagine, seeing as how there are some things that are hard to buy without seeing them in person. The biggest one would be grocery items. No one wants to have milk shipped to them or pay for immediate delivery because they forgot to “buy beets for dinner and Grandma Trudy is coming over and it’s her favorite.”


Now the list of things that you don’t care to see or “handle” prior to purchasing are moving like cockroaches in the kitchen when the light comes on. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Let’s try, the list of things people are willing to “buy blind” greatly outnumbers those items their not.


I suppose there is also an element of the physical shopping that some people may have a hard time giving up. It could serve as a way to “get away” from it all, an escape, “me time” or perhaps it’s a way to spend time with a friend or family member. You go shopping, talk and visit, maybe stop for lunch or an early dinner. You can certainly make an outing of it and that might be hard for people to say goodbye to. Yet, more and more I hear people talking about “fighting crowds”, “wasting time going from store to store” or “not finding what you want”. Internet shopping has always sold itself as the remedy of all these problems. “Buy a new life in the comfort of your own home at three o’clock in the morning, naked.” I believe it boasts.


So what keeps the internet from taking over and closing down every store in the world, (besides the things I already mentioned)? Being ripped off. I think we’ve all fallen victim to it or know someone who has. Once it has happened to you, you’re never quite the same as before, like you never fully heal or get over it. You always hesitate right before check out and you spend a considerate amount of time researching the seller. Even in this deep investigate checking, there’s still a certain amount of uncertainty. Most of the time sellers have a review or feedback system and their “rating of trustworthiness” comes from people like you, me and our neighbors. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like some of my neighbors and I wouldn’t trust their opinion on anything. You start reading some of these “negative strikes” against the seller and I for one am amazed at the level of stupidity that these people are demonstrating. Spelling errors, grammar errors, contradicting statements, or little of no explanation at what the problem was. One I saw recently was “-“. Hey, thanks for the tip, I really appreciate your insight, you saved me from emoticons, ‘cause I hate those. Say what?


Only time will tell where the future of shopping going, (speaking of helpful insight). Persevering to “shop on”, even after a burn of two, the modern shopper embraces the internet more and more and overlooks the full extent of the consequences of staying home to buy. A certain amount of commerce will be safe of course, but it’s not just Wally World that’s putting Ma & Pop into early retirement.


Perhaps one day will meet by a bad transaction over the internet. Until then…


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