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When Anger Turns To Comedy

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I’m a soft spoken rooster. When I crow at the sunrise it doesn’t even wake up farmer Brown. Some people are just naturally loud talkers. So it’s no surprise that they make extremely loud screamers. I am lousy screamer. There have been numerous times that I’ve been pushed to the edge and I’ve lost my temper and yelled and screamed at the top of my lungs. Immediately after my tantrum, I follow it up with coughing and teary eyes. Not because I’m emotional about the situation, but because of the pain I just caused my throat to suffer.


After my embarrassing attack on my own body, it’s always followed by my wife laughing at me. Nothing is more soothing or appropriate than laughing at someone’s anger. Who cares if it’s funny or not? It just not right and certainly won’t help matters.


Then again, people who fall victim to injury, minor or major, is justifiably funny. It’s cosmic and kooky. You really can’t help but to laugh. It’s quite a treat to see someone throw something and have it come back/ricochet and hit them. It’s hilarious to see someone kick an immovable or unbreakable object and nearly break there toe/foot. It’s entertaining to see someone try to slam a door with the hydraulic gear on the top so it won’t shut. It’s classic to see someone storm out of room/business and into a “pull” door that they thought was a “push”.


I once tried to throw a sliver of paper in anger. Of course it didn’t really go anywhere and all it did was hurt my arm. I think that even I had to laugh at that one.


Comedy stemming from anger is about the only good thing about anger. Watching someone doing something stupid in a fit of rage is a good time, but it can get even better. How is that you may ask? When the injury is blatantly obvious to anyone lucky enough to witness it, but yet the victim pretends that it didn’t hurt. Like the “kicking something” example above. We’ve all kicked something that hurt, whether it was in the dark or in a steroid induced trail of terror. We all know the sound, the action and the result, so when you see it and you can watch the person suck in a huge amount of air and hold it, while walking around with a slight limp, you can’t help but ask, “Did that hurt?” It never fails; the reply is always the same. Through clinched teeth, red faced and beads of sweat the person squeaks out, “Nooo.”


But we all know better.


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

April 7, 2009 at 5:31 am