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Best Friend Debate

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The word best means, according to Merriam-Webster, 1: excelling all others <the best student> 2: most productive of good : offering or producing the greatest advantage, utility, or satisfaction <what is the best thing to do>


This unfortunately doesn’t sew up my argument with the kind of rock hard, undisputable evidence I was looking for. See, I’ve been engaged in a battle for most of my life with just about anyone I happen upon that disagrees with me. The fight has been over the concept of the “best friend”. More precisely, can a person have more than one best friend simultaneously?


Reading the above definition, one could easily argue that it doesn’t clearly state that it can’t be more than one, although I would immediately slap your face if you tried to argue that point. I read the definition and take solace in knowing that it reads exactly how I want it to read, student, (singular) and thing, (singular).


I mean it’s totally ridiculous to think that best can be many. Let’s just use the example sentences from the dictionary. Imagine having this conversation, “Who is your best student?” “Those five kids over there.” “No, I mean your best student.” “Those five kids over there.” “OK, seriously, I just want the best one, the smartest one, the one with the best grades, marks, papers, ideas, etc.” “Those five kids over there.” You would kill the person if this were real.


Still not satisfied? “What is the best thing to do?” “Here is a short list of the best thing to do.” “Um, I just want to know what the best thing is.” “Here’s a short list.” Again, murder would be your only option.


So I need your help, please. Tell me what you think. Can there be multiple bests in a single category, like I don’t know… say a best friend? Let me know what you think!


Perhaps this is where the term best of the best came from, (having this argument).


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April 11, 2009 at 4:47 am