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Archive for April 18th, 2009

I Hate Entrepreneurs

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I have a friend who’s an entrepreneur. I mean he’s hard core, to the bone, preneurey. He often gives me books, articles and links to e-books that he wants to “share with me”. At the very least, I check them out. Sometimes I read all of the content, sometimes I get about five pages into it. In all of the material that I have read the theme is always one of incredible positive thinking. It’s so positive in fact that it makes me sick. It’s creepy to be so go get’em, gung-ho, and don’t let anything stop you. These people are like robot, cult leader, windup dolls.


Here is an excerpt from, ‘I’m Going To Get Rich Even If I Have To Funking Kill You’ by Roy Hammondbergski, a book that I was reading earlier. “If someone tells you they’re going to kill you, simply say no thank you and keep going. The important thing is to not let the bullets slow you down. If you do lose a limb, merely pick it up and place it in your leather satchel (as discussed in Chapter 32: Buying a Professional Shoulder Bag). Medical science has come a long way and they can attach it later. If nothing else you can have it replaced with a prosthetic one. That will certainly open the door to some new clients, (see Chapter 46: Using Anything to Market Yourself – Everything Is An Ice Breaker).”


“Keanu Reeves is an excellent actor”. I don’t know who in the world believes this to be true, but if you find her, tell I said she’s stupid. Truth is, it doesn’t really matter if he is or isn’t, because he’s made a career of being in movies and his resume is quite extensive. I use to wonder how people I thought weren’t up to snuff could get to the places they were at. Now I know, from reading all this entrepreneur propaganda, that is was all just a state of mind.


I now realize the reason I sit in a cubicle and look out the window at the rain, (even when it’s sunny outside) is because I’m not an entrepreneur. I don’t think I ever will be. Truth is I’m just jealous of anyone that can persevere the trials of life to obtain the goals they’re after. I have a hard time standing by the microwave wave “waiting for two seconds between pops”.


I was always too afraid to “go for it”. I was too comfortable in the miniature empire of security I had built in my head and house. Like a child hiding behind his couch pillow fort, I was content on going nowhere. At the same time I was frustrated that I wasn’t going anywhere. Talk about the beginning stage of insanity.


I don’t know if it’s a case of “greener grass” or if I have gravely misjudged my own existence, but walking down the center of a metaphorical set of railroad tracks is taxing at the least. One rail is for people doing what it is they want to do. They are happy and driven to get out of bed in the morning to greet the day. The other rail is for people content with the void, the nothingness and the sound of life passing them by. They don’t care about what it is they’re doing or what’s going on. This is quite evident by the mustard stain on their shirt. In the middle is me, wishing for something different, complaining about the stain on my shirt.


What’s a rooster to do? If I don’t get out of the middle I won’t be able to dodge the oncoming train and believe me you that train is bearing down the tracks at a blinding speed. You can’t stop a train, but a train can’t leave the tracks. Thanks to my preneurist friend and $60,000 dollars worth of literature, I’ve learned this: The future is still underwritten as long as you are the writer.


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