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I Will Eat Your Head

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America loves violence. This country was born of violence. Who could count the gallons of blood that have soaked the dirt of the country? Not me. Perhaps you could argue that human nature itself is the root of violence and ask to leave America out of it, but to that I would say, “Hey what’s that over there?” and then give you a roundhouse kick to the back of the head. If it makes you feel better I’m sure I’d pull a groin muscle and the kick would probably land below your shoulder blades.


I can’t think of anything in pop culture that isn’t sprinkled with violence. Be it cartoons to the Three Stooges; people just can’t get enough of people hurting each other. In the same light as a baby laughing at you hitting your head, who could resist seeing an action hero kill thirty, nameless, Russian soldiers before blowing up their camp?


A little violence is just cute and excessive violence is completely tolerable to the general public. No one seems to have any trouble with violence and young children, except if it’s in a video game. On the big screen, (or television) totally fine: animated interaction game: totally inappropriate. Never could make sense of that. Graphic violence and even violence romanticized is becoming more and more popular and I for one love it.


I find that at times I believe I am capable of super-black op-ninja-covert-kung fu-super-marine-action-moves. There are moments I envision myself ripping off people’s heads or shooting them with a clip that never empties or driving my car straight into them and slamming them into a bridge abutment. What? Like I’m the only one…


It sounds worse than it is. I’m not really all that angry or violent. I would never act upon any of those thoughts, nor do I even focus on them. They just flash through my head as though I remembering a movie I watched last week or something like that. I’m not sitting in the dark, cleaning my rifle, crying as I take another sip of “Shooter J compound”. (Shooter J Compound is a mix of vodka, grapefruit juice, ketchup, bleach and deer urine).


So I’m not a psycho, I just love to watch people being blown up, limbs being torn off, bullets tearing through flesh, fists pounding faces, cars crashing, glass shattering, flames shooting, debris flying, swords swinging, knives ripping, missiles soaring, aerial jumping and necks being snapped. It’s no big deal, it’s just entertainment.


I would kind of like to try the roundhouse on you though. We could take turns, but I get to go first.


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

April 21, 2009 at 4:13 am