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Office Lingerie

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When I’m at work the last thing I’m thinking of is lingerie. Being sexy or seeing sexy just doesn’t happen where I work. I’m not saying all offices are like mine. I’m sure there are a lot of offices in this country that have staffed sexy people worth ogling. Mine is just not one of them.


I was wearing a white, collared, shirt the other day that I have to wear a plain white t-shirt underneath of because the shirt is like tissue paper thin. You can see right through the thing, no problem. I’d imagine if it got wet it would appear as though I wasn’t wearing a shirt at all. This shirt is so thin that I never have to wash it because dirt passes right through it. This shirt is so thin strippers find it to be too revealing. This shirt is so thin that it’s made out of one thread of string. It’s thin man!


My wife made me go shopping with her today, clothes shopping of course. While I was there I browsed through the men’s section, (better to walk around the men’s clothes than hang around and carry my wife’s “selections” I always say). As I walked around, I noticed all these dress shirts that were supermodel thin just like my white shirt. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I had always assumed that years ago when ever my wife bought the shirt for me that she had purchased the cheapest shirt possible. I guess it’s a style or something. “Do you carry mega-super-thin-look-at-the-color-and-texture-of-my-chest-hair-right-through-the-material-dress-shirts?” Too long for a label or a sign is my guess.


I figure that this is white collar lingerie. This is how business type, professionals mix it up on the adult fantasy, office scale. “Oh Bob, I can see your nipples.” “That’s because I didn’t wear an undershirt Mary.” Wow, that’s smokin’ hot, sexy even.


So remember the next time you’re getting dressed for you desk/office job. Don’t think professional, think sexy. Someone could be looking right through your clothes.


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Ramblin’ Rooster

Written by Ramblin' Rooster

May 3, 2009 at 4:20 am