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Quick To Stab You In the Back

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Allegiance. I like allegiance, what it means, how it sounds, the look and layout of the letters. If allegiance was human I’d marry it, that’s how much I like it. Funny thing about allegiance is that it’s made of sand. You can build it, build on top of it and even relax in the feeling of strength and security. Now if you ever been to a beach or seen one on television, you know that one wave is all it takes to claim that structure “back to the sea”.


Allegiance is a lot like love. People tend to throw the it around quite a bit. Of course not many people use the word. Come think of it, I don’t recall anyone ever using it in a positive light during conversation. “I swear my allegiance to you Frank. Now let’s go get a beer.”


Even without it being a “hot topic” of conversation, allegiance is alive and well in our society. We all have an allegiance to someone or something. Whether it’s a friend you always help move or a friend you hang out with every weekend or everyday. Maybe it’s a television show or event, “There’s no way I’m going to your parents house. I love you, but the game is on!”


Maybe because we don’t have to swear an allegiance like the dark ages of our histories, the theory and meaning of it has changed. I tend to think of allegiance as a click, or tribe or even a person that you prefer for one reason or another. Perhaps your allegiance is to sit with Mary at lunch because you just can’t stand Barbara. You don’t particularly like Mary, but you hate Barbara. Another instance could be someone you like as a friend in only a certain situation. I find this to most common at work. I have “friends” at work with whom I visit and socialize with, but after the clock strikes five I don’t care to see, smell or hear them at all. Does this make me a fair-weather friend or do I suffer form time sensitive allegiance?


My favorite part about allegiance is how quickly is can turn to selling out. You might be good friends with Brian until you find out he told everyone that secret about you getting drunk and shitting the bed. So you immediately tell everyone that Brian “got it on” with Julie while she was still married at the Christmas party last year. Best of friends to instant enemies in no longer than it takes to reheat a cup of coffee, but really what do expect?


Is there such thing as allegiance? Is there anyone in the world you wouldn’t stab in the back, (or perhaps in the front) ending your allegiance if given the proper circumstances?


The only true allegiance in this life is the one with yourself. What’s sad is that even those are poorly managed.  If they weren’t you wouldn’t have morbidly obese people, people stuck in dead end jobs hating their life, people in unhealthy relationships, people strung out on meth or people always trying to rook you.


I’m pretty naïve, but I like to think that a personal allegiance would mean being the best person you could be.


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

May 8, 2009 at 3:40 am