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Just Dance

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When I was younger I thought I had an idea. OK, I knew I had an idea, but at the time I thought it was a good idea. In the same fashion as the .com boom or pyramid schemes I was reading about how people were becoming rich by advertising in the classified section of newspapers all across the country. They’d put in some ad that said something about something and end it with “send one dollar and a self addressed envelope”.


Like I said, at the time this seemed like a great idea. I was going to run adds the claimed “Quit Smoking” or “Lose Weight” and other similar attracting claims. Then a person would send their dollar and the self addressed envelope and I’d send them a piece of paper that would spell out, in the most obvious way, how to quit or change whatever it was they inquired about. For instance, the quitting smoking would say stuff like, “quit buying cigarettes” and “stay away from activities that make you want to smoke”. Likewise, the how to lose weight would be “quit eating so much and exercise”.


It seemed like a good idea because it was cheap, so I thought I’d get lots of dollars in the mail. It was technically legal, because if you did what the paper told you, you’d more than likely achieve your goal. The only problem was that it was still a scam and I never got around to being scummy.


Since then, I have thought of an idea for losing weight that could appeal to people. Instead of trying to scam people out of a buck, I thought I’d throw it out there and if by chance it helped someone, then that in itself would be the reward.


The plan is simple, flexible and best of all FREE. As with all routines and systems, you have to adapt it to fit your style and schedule. My suggestion would be to do the plan upon waking because it would really get you going, but again the main thing is always “just to do it”, (like how I threw “to” in there to avoid litigation from Nike?).


The plan is called “Just Dance” and it works like this. You turn on music and dance. You dance for as long as you can take it and then go a little further. You dance like you’re having a seizure. You dance like you’re trying to shake your skin off. You dance like you’re trying to convince a jury the insanity plea in your murder trial is justified. You dance like you’re on too much acid at Woodstock. Your not trying to be cool or impress anyone, you’re trying to move you body and work as much of it as possible. Each day you try to go a little longer and a little longer. By the time you can dance like for as long as you want, you’ll have the body the other people would kill you for.


It’s fun, it’s easy, it’ll make you sweat, it’ll work parts of your body you didn’t even know you had. There’s no membership fee, driving time, outfits or equipment to buy and you can, (if you’re not one of those self-conscious types) include friend(s)/family.


Perhaps it could work for you, perhaps you couldn’t care less, but at least you still have your dollar, (just don’t spend it on the “value menu”).


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

May 9, 2009 at 4:36 am