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There is a joke in circulation that goes something like, “32% of all statistics are made up on the spot”. Ironically 98% of people working at the National Institute of Statistics hate that joke.


I don’t know why they hate it. Most blondes I’ve met tell the best blonde jokes and a lot of lawyers I know have incredible lawyer jokes. Even Christopher Reeve busted out some Christopher Reeve jokes on occasion.


So what gives with the statisticians? Where’s their sense of humor? More importantly, what percentage of statisticians are born without a sense of humor?


Am I the only one that is in disbelief that there is even a National Institute for statistics? The fact that they’re stating that there is a national one tends to allude to the fact that this country is littered with smaller, less significant offices dedicated to statistics. That seems alarming.


Statistics is the one class that everybody hates in college. I’ve never heard anyone ever mention the word statistics without hate being part of the sentence too. Except for when I heard a reference to the National Institute that is.


Why does it exist? What kinds of secrets are lurking behind their doors? What do they know? What are they hiding from us? What mysteries of the world have they unlocked? What could they tell us about the future?


I wonder how many statisticians will be laid off this year. I wonder how many statisticians it takes to screw in a light bulb. I wonder how many statisticians have been in a bar fight? I wonder how many statisticians will read this blog and send me nasty e-mails. I’d guess the latter to be zero.


Why don’t statisticians put out a book about all the weird percentages that involve statisticians and their, (what I can only imagine to be riveting) lives?


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May 10, 2009 at 4:12 am