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Mother’s Day

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My friends over at the National Institute of Statistics hooked me up with this fact. 76% of blogs composed today were on the subject of Mother’s Day. Just knowing that makes me not want to write about it. It would have to be pretty special to be set apart from all those other blogs.


True is I hate Mother’s Day. Once again you should be thankful for your mother all the time, not just on a certain day. What’s worse is that once you get married and have children suddenly you’re responsible for your wife’s mother’s day crap too. No wonder step mother’s hate their child’s spouse. I haven’t taken my mother to dinner in eleven years because I’m always rubbing my wife’s feet on this day.


One thing I’ve learned from not doing good mother’s day “days” is that making women mad is very difficult to recognize. Women get mad in an Aesop Fable kind of way or a Chinese proverb kind of way. It’s always like there’s a lesson to learn, but since you’re like the character of the fable you don’t know what’s happening until months, sometimes even years later.


Mother’s day is always just a bunch of hype. If you ignore the possibly for sex, (except for Arkansas) Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are exactly the same. Standard gifts include flowers, card and dinner.


I always love the fact that every year the card aisle and flower section of supermarkets, grocery stores and gas stations are filled with people buying cards and gifts. It’s all kinds of people too. Young kids, old folks, married men with their kids, single guys, and girls in exercise/workout outfits. Nothing spells love like last minute thoughts.


It’s simple really; just being alive is a testament of thankfulness for birth. I tell my mother I love her every time we talk on the phone. I don’t need anything to say it for me. As far as my wife, she gets her card and dinner. I tell her she’s a good mother and she gets to control the day by deciding everything we do and where we go. Seem s fair enough.


Having carried a baby inside your body and feeling the growth, giving birth and playing a part in the circle of life is, what I imagine, to be the most unique and spiritual moment that a human could ever experience. No stupid card can sum that up.


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

May 11, 2009 at 2:45 am