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May Contain One or More of the Following

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Have you ever been snacking on something and for whatever reason started to read the ingredients on a bag or box and saw the following, “May contain one or more of the following”? What? How could you not know something like that? How did you even make this product more than once? How did the FDA allow this product to be placed on a shelf? How dare you print something so benign and ruthless. Preposterous!


Irresponsible ingredient listing is not only liable, it’s just plain dumb. There are a lot of fickle people out there. There are a lot of people in this world living their live on a whim, where ever the wind blows them, on voices whispering in their head. Do you think for one moment that one of these wackos wouldn’t skip buying your product if it said it was made with “partially dehydrated onion skin” because they hated “partially dehydrated onion skin”, yet come to find out it may or may not even be in there? That’s crazy! How could they even try it to see if they liked it or know they that were right and still hated it?


It’s occurrences like these that make me want to bring the revolution. You and I could never get away with this. “Do you love me?” “I may or may not.” “Can you loan me twenty bucks until next Friday?” “I could or could not.” “You wanna go to the concert with me?” “I shall or shall not.” No one would want to be around you ever and there’s a very good chance you’d get your ass kicked a time or twelve.


Accountability, it’s not just for accountants. “Is there enriched sorghum #40 in here, because I’m allergic and I might die?” “I don’t know and I may or may not go to jail if you do die.”


Similar to the mystery of the chicken or the egg, a time is fast approaching where no one in the world will know anything about anything and someone with half a brain cell left will ask the brilliant question, “then how did it get here/to be?” and the answer will be, “I don’t know.” “Does anybody know?” “They may or may not.”


Egg On or Egg Off!

Ramblin’ Rooster


Written by Ramblin' Rooster

May 16, 2009 at 5:32 am

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