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Animation to Replace Tom Cruise

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Today was one of those odd days. I just felt weird all day long, like I was in a video with the effect of the main focal point moving at normal speed while the people in the background move at lightning speed.


I got home early from work and for once just wanted to “take it easy”. I fell into couch and flipped on the radiation box. Low and behold the movie Wall-E was just coming on. What luck! I’ve never seen this flick and who doesn’t love a good ol’ Pixar film?


I know I’m thirty years too late to give my opinion on Wall-E being one of the greatest social commentaries ever made… oh wait, look at that, I just did sneak in my opinion. How ninjasome of me. Anyway, I’m not ashamed to admit I have liked, if not loved, most all of the Pixar movies. I’ll also admit that I’ve tricked my kids, (when they were younger) to ask the wife to go see the newest Pixar movie when it came out just so I could go to the theatre, versus having to wait for the DVD.


The thing that amazes me most about the Pixar, (and other animation studio’s) films is that besides the obviously wonderful animation, the stories are really good. I know they’ve had some “big name” actors doing the voices, but in hindsight I don’t think it really drew anybody in off the street. With the exception of a view, like James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman or Sam Elliot who cares about a voice? The point I’m getting at is that Hollywood is moving towards the death of the celebrity.


I know, I know, you think I’m an idiot. “Big names bring in big, box office gross! People idolize celebrities! I’d see anything with Denzel Washington in it, anything! Put Michael Clarke Duncan and Will Smith in Brokeback Mountain 2 and I’m there opening night!” Please note that I said moving towards, before you attack me with tribute.


It’s already starting to happen in small ways. The big, blockbuster, action, thriller, sci-fi, shoot ‘em up, fantasy, epic movies are all utilizing the green screen, CGI technology. Entire movies are being made on a single stage set. Characters from animated movies are just as, if not more, recognized the world over. With the constant improvement of special effects and animation, (like the unbelievable graphics of Final Fantasy and Heavy Rain) it won’t be long before someone tries a gritty, sex-filled, action-packed, ‘R’ rated fully animated movie. Then there’ll be another one and another one and another one… Eventually someone will realize that they can hire nobodies to do the voiceovers and leave an extra thirty million in the budget for heroin and diet soda. Plus with the growth of reality stardom, it seems like the general populous of America will take a liking to just about anyone, proving they don’t need a multi-million dollar face to identify with.


I’m just glad that writing is still safe from the “bots”. When computers start writing blogs, the world is two weeks from ending.


Egg On!

Ramblin’ Rooster


6 Responses

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  1. Even ss far back as “who framed roger rabbit” I sould see this coming. Maybe I could make a reality show with failed actors who plot revenge against an evil animation empire!

    Scott Oglesby

    May 20, 2009 at 10:04 am

    • Scoot Oglesby, I love the idea and where you’re going with this, but I must say that “show” is too small. You need a full blown reality movie! As always I called dibs on key grip. See you in Hollywood!

      Ramblin' Rooster

      May 21, 2009 at 3:49 am

  2. “Eventually someone will realize that they can hire nobodies to do the voiceovers and leave an extra thirty million in the budget for heroin and diet soda.”

    Videogames already figured this out so Hollywood can’t be too far behind…

    (Or not. They can’t seem to figure out digital distribution or any other cutting edge technology. Like the new-fangled idea of giving people what they want, rather than forcing them to settle for what they can have.)

    Capitalist Lion Tamer

    May 22, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    • Capitalist Lion Tamer, what are you… crazy? You can’t give people what they want, because then they’ll never stick around to get it. Wait that doesn’t make sense, let me look at it again, OK here it is… “Don’t give people what they want because then you’ve lost an infinite potential customer”. Wow, that really doesn’t make sense, but that’s what it says right here in my ole trusty ‘Handbook of How To Do It Old School’ and it’s worked for the last five hundred years. Truth is, you make an appealing case and “they” know it. Time will tell, time will tell.

      Ramblin' Rooster

      May 23, 2009 at 3:12 am

      • Awesome response! And an awesome blog.

        I think the 30 million for game companies goes for hentai and Mountain Dew.

        Capitalist Lion Tamer

        May 23, 2009 at 1:39 pm

        • Capitalist Lion Tamer, thanks and thanks. I didn’t know what hentai was, but after looking it up I think we’re going to need twice the budget. Diggin’ the carpet bombing of comments.

          Ramblin' Rooster

          May 24, 2009 at 3:35 am

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