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Excerpts from my Handbook Collection part 2

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Tonight I will be sharing passages from the Handbook of Funny.


-The richest supply of Funny is born from pain and sorrow. Only the blood of suffering rings true to the Funny bone. It is manipulation, exaggeration and lies so grandiose that their merit is immaterial.


-Being funny is neither art nor science. Funny isn’t an equation that can be solved or a pattern to be charted. Funny is not to be, it merely is.


-Funny does not want to be found if it knows it’s being searched for. Funny likes surprises. Funny cares only to arrive unannounced. Funny is intangible and unpredictable. Funny likes to move on a whim, hang out all night and disappear for days.


-Funny is a mover and a shaker. You can not tie it down. Funny is indefinable. You will never be able to look Funny in the eyes. Funny is not reliable or consistent. Funny can and will let you down.


-Those who try to wrangle Funny will get the horns. Those who try and tame Funny will find a kick to the head. Those who try to buy and trade Funny only ride the train till the next station.


-Funny isn’t funny, it’s very serious business. There are a great many vices for man to get lost in, but only the soulful, belly-laugh is universal in both health and harmony and an appealing affliction for all of us to get caught up in, lost and taken over by. No one resists the charm or embrace of laughter. No one shies away from the pure joy and gift, like no other, that it brings. It is the warmth of the sun, the security of loving arms and the freedom of an unpainted horizon.


-Funny is not to be made, but rather to be conducted as it flows through us all. Do not try to own it or take it, just let it be and ride the ride for all it’s worth.



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May 28, 2009 at 4:17 am