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Use People, That’s What They’re There For

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When it comes to getting to know people, it’s important to find out things about them that will help in distinguishing them apart from others. Names are handy and faces are good. It’s also recommended that you learn things about them on a personal level. This could be anything from their favorite color to their birthday, or perhaps the town from which they hail.


By getting to know people you can develop what can only be described as trust. Trust is important to establish with people because it empowers you while at the same time making them weak and vulnerable.


Once you have a person trusting you, you may even be able to get them to believe in you or depend on you. This is commonly called friendship and it’s extremely valuable. Once you have someone’s friendship, they are completely blind to all attacks.


After you have received someone’s trust and friendship you can start milking them dry a favor at a time or simply take things from their home while they’re at work. Make sure you take little things at first so the chance of them “failing to notice things disappearing” is increased. Always save your most sought after object, (usually the largest and most expensive) to be the last thing to take. Once it’s “lifted” the friendship is all used up and you’ll have to replace it with a new one.


Here are a couple of things about myself:


–         I have a tattoo of my elbow on my knee.

–         No one has ever asked me to dance and lived.

–         Once I shot a rifle inside my grandmother’s house on New Year’s Eve killing a donkey. What the donkey was doing in my grandmother’s house is not to be discussed, ever.

–         I do my own laundry.

–         The space between my ears fluctuates with each blog.


Remember: using people is a terrible way to spend your life.


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