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Archive for June 11th, 2009

Soft Cookies

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I enjoy eating cookies. Maybe more, maybe less than you, but my addiction, it’s up there with Cookie Monster, (pre-vegetable & sensible). I like all kinds of cookies, excluding diet/diabetic cookies, but other than that I’m good to munch. Fancy, homemade, store bought, gourmet, po-boy or classic cookies, they’re all great to me.


Today in the kitchen there was a package of cookies sitting on the counter. I opened them, took one out and popped it in my mouth as if it would escape if I didn’t “wolf it” down. Holy soft cookie! I looked at the package to see that these were. Sure enough, right there in plain sight, “soft cookies”.


What is a soft cookie? When are cookies ever soft, or at least soft like this? This thing tasted like cooked dough. I know that when they come out of the oven their soft, but these didn’t have a “fresh oven baked taste”. I don’t think they were trying for that taste either.


I’m not a scientist so please bear with me, but how do those cookies stay so soft. It was like they boiled the dough or something, I really have no idea. All I do know is that those cookies just aren’t right. After eating half the package I felt kind of “plasticy” or “chemically”. If I was to die then and there I could have forgone the embalming process because I’d be perfectly preserved for years to come.


Cookies aren’t suppose to be soft and chewy, are they?


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