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Archive for June 15th, 2009

No Wonder I Killed You

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Back in ’73 when I was a black ops agent, I use to do a lot of horrible things. Killing people was an everyday reality. Some days I’d stand in the shower for hours trying to wash the stench of blood from my soul. You can never get over taking someone’s life. All you can do is numb that part of your conscious that knows it’s wrong. You can never forget the screams…


Whoops sorry, this isn’t my blog. It’s chapter 158 of my new novel, “Cliché War Stories From Someone Who Never Went To War, But Loves Soldiers and Battle Scenes”. Sorry.


Anyway, have you ever run into an ex that became an ex because you couldn’t stand to be around them anymore? Was the break extremely nasty and filled with drama and fireworks so powerful that friends still remember it in detail and talk about it from time to time because it has “classic moments” like “she threw a chair through the window” and “he pulled a knife from behind the bar”? Have you ever ran into this ex and were forced to be in close, inescapable quarters like an elevator or a car? Has this time together been for extended periods of time that felt like years or even decades and fostered uncomfortable conversations that made you want to pull your fingernails off? Have any of these conversations picked up right were they left off years ago? Did you find yourself reliving a life you have since then wished had never happened, thinking to yourself “What’s wrong with this person” or “No amount of medication can fix this”? And at the end of all the misery and torture did you find yourself saying something that you didn’t mean like, “Yeah, I’m glad we finally worked this out” or “It is good that we figured out what went wrong” or “It was nice to see you too and yes, I think we could be friends again”?


Yeah, me neither.


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