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Archive for June 28th, 2009

Emergency List

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Things I heard or said prior to waking up in the emergency room:



-Do you smell gas?

-Look out!

-Watch Out!

-Watch this!

-Oh no…


-Hold on!

-Can you hold my beer?

-My brother did it and nothing happened to him.

-Stand back…

-No, the blue wire!

-That’s never happened to me…

-She’ll never find out…

-Yeah, come on back here and I’ll beat your ass!


-Just jump…



-I double dog dare you!

-I saw this on TV…

-I believe I can fly…

-You got a lighter?

-Just give it a good yank.

-Hey baby, nice ass!

-Go faster!

-That never happens in real life.

-This is going to be awesome!


-I don’t know about this…

-I’m not drunk…

-Are you recording?

-What a cute bear…

-OK, turn it on.

-I can fix that.

-I got it!

-Does this kung pow smell weird to you?

-Poke it with a stick.

-What’s the worst that could happen?


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