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Ask Me Later

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I just now came up with this theory: The only difference between being a child and being an adult, (besides all that physical stuff) is taste. Taste in everything from food to clothes plus anything in between. I loved cottage cheese as a kid. I haven’t eaten it almost twenty years. It seems like the things we like and the things we dislike, (or vice versa) flip-flop as we stumble threw the years.


One thing I’ve flip-flopped on is, “Ask Me Later”. Every computer I use, whether it’s at work or at home has some program that wants me to do something. Regardless of the severity of the decision it always gives me the option of “Ask Me Later”.


I know there’s a box to check that says, “Do ask me this again gosh dang it, how dare you to bother me with this dribble!” but I’ve never been decisive enough to make such a permanent choice.


At first I found this “Ask Me Later” to be very annoying, borderline comical even, a game that me and the computer would play. It would ask me to do something and I would blow it off, like the man who’s been engaged for two and half years. “Yeah, I’ll get around to it, just not now. Ask me later, OK?” Yeah right.


Then it started to grow on me. “Ask Me Later” isn’t just an annoying pop-up; it’s a way of life and one that needed to be thought of as the answer to all things difficult.


“Dad, where do babies come from?”

“Ask me later.”

“Do you want to go visit my parents this year for Thanksgiving?”

“Ask me later.”

“Did you take the last piece of cake that I was saving for when I got done with my double shift?”

“Ask me later.”

“Do you ever wish you were still with (insert name of ex-lover)?”

“Ask me later.”

“Who did you vote for?”

“Ask me later.”

“Are you wearing a condom?”

“Ask me later.”


You get the point. The usage is unlimited. You can avoid everything in life with this simple and easy to understand phrase. No longer will you ever have to commit to anything. Sure, you may think you have a nifty way of avoiding things with the old “can’t hear you over the water running” or “we must have a bad connection, you’re breaking up”, but the truth is they don’t hold a candle to, “Ask Me Later”.


“Why is this” you ask? The answer is simple. “Ask Me Later” is so ambiguous that it doesn’t lend itself to being a disappointment. It’s not a yes and it’s not a no. It’s completely benign, innocent and discourages debate.


If someone tries to get smart with you throwing out snappy comebacks like, “When later” or “You always say later” just repeat as necessary. They’ll give up long before you get tired of saying, “Ask me later”.


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

July 27, 2009 at 3:26 am