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Bugs Need to Talk With Birds

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I just got off the road from a long highway travel via my automobile. I was driving along the back roads of America, the ol’ two lane highway, or as my grandpa use to call them, the “Chicken Expressway”. We use to think that was pretty funny, until the accident.


When I pulled up in the driveway and got out to walk inside the house I noticed the flying insect massacre or abstract bug-gut painting on the front of my car. Now it’s not that I don’t appreciate modern art, but this was a little too much. Perhaps I wouldn’t have been as annoyed by this mass act of suicide had I not spent the weekend before meticulously scrubbing the grill of my car with my brother-in-law’s toothbrush.


It’s gettin’ to be where I almost don’t want to drive my car anymore, as though something always wants to “spread” itself over the front of my car. Unfortunately it’s never a Swedish, biker, model, Greek goddess of amorous pleasure. Although I’d bet her guts would be the harder to wash off.


This is what I want, for the birds of the world to sit down with the insects of the world and have “a talk”. Here are the topics I’d like them to go over.


1-     Birds to Bugs: If you fly in the 10’ to 15’ (or higher) airspace above the ground you can avoid being killed by the giant metal beasts moving at alarming speeds.

2-     Bugs to Birds: Take your waste product to a place that no one will know where it went. On the hood, across the windshield and especially on door handles is unacceptable and on a shoulder could yield “poisonous seed”.

3-     Birds to Bugs: Stay away from hairless ape’s ears and food. That’s a good way to get killed.

4-     Bugs to Birds: If you continue to rely on “feeders”, trash cans and old people in the park you won’t be able to sustain life after the “white flash” that claims the hairless apes of the world.


There could be other discussions, perhaps a short Q and A and of course refreshments. It doesn’t have to be as stuffy or rigid as I’ve made it out to be. It could be a good time had for all.


I just think it would help us all out if the “flying things” of the world got it a little more together.


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