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Music Defines Us, But Who Made Us?

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I couldn’t begin to image the circle of friends my readers run with, but I will share that my whole life has always had one person in the circle known as the “cool music guy”.

The “cool music guy” can be summed up as a person who has an incredible collection of music, so vast that it can not be completely listened to in any one lifetime, yet somehow they have and still seek out more.

They know things about artists, albums, bands, concerts, managers,  and recording companies that would leave the writers of any “Behind the Music” type show crying and in the fetal position.

They listen to things you don’t understand, things that blow your mind, things that make you “feel things in places that have long laid dormant”.

If you’re lucky enough, they’ll even “turn you on” to something you never thought you’d ever be listening to.

So the other day when I was driving around with my windows down, music blaring, telling the world, “Hey look at me, I’m cool!” I had this thought.

“This music I’m sharing with strangers via their open windows did not come from my personal collection. I didn’t seek out this music. I didn’t discover this band in the back of the music store and think I’ll give it a try. No, this music was given to me by someone. They gave me a CD and said to check it out.”

And it was with that thought that led to another thought, (as they often do).

“If I did just get this music handed to me and I didn’t really earn it or work to find it, can I really go around jamming it out in excess like I’m cool and hip? Doesn’t the credit really lie with the person who gave me this music? Am I really just a poser that would be listening to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ if left to my own resources?”

I turned the radio down, rolled up the windows and drove home.

Upon arriving home I got a book out and started to read.

It occurred to me, “Someone recommended this book to me.”

So I threw the book against the wall and went to the kitchen for a snack.

As I reached for the “squid ink fettucini” it came over me, “Someone said I should try this…”

Who am I?

Egg On,

Ramblin’ Rooster

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The answer to last week’s riddle was, “noon”. Scott gets to be the winner again, (only because I thought he meant the Illuminati consisting of Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, Dr. Strange and Professor X).

Tonight’s riddle:

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