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After the Super 8

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I don’t know if you read Sickdays by Alantru, but it’s fantabulous. His latest blog is the hilarious conclusion to a not-so-wonderful sales, road trip. Check it out:


Anyway, the last line says, “Once you’ve been thrown out of a Super 8, there’s really nowhere left to go.” Normally I would never argue with Alan, but I couldn’t resist. Without further ado, I give you:


Where to Go After Super 8:


– Motel 6

– Denny’s

-Wal-Mart for a fake mustache to return to the Super 8 as Bob Carpuss

-Your parents house to ask for a “do over”

-Your dealer’s trailer to “reload the meth pouch”

-Downtown to panhandle, you already look broke and broken

-Strip Club

-Across the street for last call

-Mailbox baseball

-24 hour supermarket for improvised Olympics

-Under the bridge for some “Space Truckin”

-The red light district to see if Shantel is still working

-Down by the Missouri River to bury Clark’s mysteriously dead body


-To a very dark place inside your mind that takes years to come out of

-Off the deep end

-On a drinking binge that leaves everyone satisfied with their question of “Can a liver really explode”

-Running naked through the streets



-Into the arms, (or front legs) of the first sheep you see

-Back to the drawing board

-Where the road meets the horizon

-To La-La Land

-Your quite place

-Your safe place

-Into vivid fantasies of torture and dismemberment

-On the internet to read Sickdays


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

May 22, 2009 at 2:17 am