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Easter Is Weird

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First off, let me just say I welcome any of your religious comments and you’re can certainly educate me in the traditions of Easter. My reference for tonight comes from a life without religion and the basic idea of holiday celebration from a generic and commercial stand point. Glad we settled that, so let’s get to it.


Easter is totally weird and I don’t get it. Most of the other holidays I don’t get either, but Easter is far and away the most strange. I guess it comes from the fact that traditions are centuries old and handed down to us through the ages, where the meaning gets lost or abandoned. Similar to a game of telephone, where one person whispers something to the next person and they whisper it to the next person and so on and so on until it gets to the end anyone see how much the phrase got changed.


I am also readily aware of the gigantic commercialism machine that likes to gobble up everything and tries to spit out “positive sells numbers”. I know it is easy business to get people to buy stuff when they think they have to or because people have been buying it for so long that even the idea of questioning it is exhausting. There’s nothing like guilt or tradition to drive the economy.


Despite this enlightenment, chocolate bunnies, crème filled eggs, baskets of fake grass, candy carrots, egg painting, egg hiding, egg searching and miscellaneous candy and gifts just thrown in there for whatever reason, are bizarre. Seeing pre-made Easter baskets filled with blindingly cheap produced toys lining the shelves at the store is disturbing. I feel sorry for any child that gets one of these. If you’re going to give your child a bunch or crap, have the decency to at least pick out the stuff and put together your own basket.


It’s spring time, fertility is in the air, kids go find the eggs you painted earlier, that we hid from you so that you could go find them. Then we can have green, pink, blue and red egg salad for the next two weeks. WTF man? For real!


I got my picture taken with the Easter Bunny. That’s how bad it is.


Egg On!

Ramblin’ Rooster

Written by Ramblin' Rooster

April 13, 2009 at 4:40 am