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I Propose ‘Appreciation Week’ For Stimulus

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Seems like all I ever hear anymore is stimulus this and stimulus that, yet it never seems to be anything I’m all that interested in. You’d think that hearing the words stimulus and package together in the same sentence so much would put you in a juvenile happy place, but ultimately it just leaves a dry taste in my mouth. I’m not trying to say I’m for or against what is happening, but I can say that I think stimulus is needed in other places. For instance, with the morality and mindset of the American people, I have a stimulus package that could change Americans forever and it’s totally free.


Check it out; it’s so simple and easy. It’s called ‘Appreciation Week’. So often the problem in America is the people, always so ungrateful for what they have, always worried about things that don’t matter and always destroying lives out of greed and lust. It makes you want to lay down on the train tracks when you think that cats and dogs have it so much better than a lot of humans on this planet. Yet, I think this can easily be changed.


Much like the title alludes to, ‘Appreciation Week’ is a once a year, week long trial designed to give a person a new perspective where they can be appreciative for what they have and perhaps reduce the way they contribute to the ugliness of the world. Interviews would be given to everyone in America to find out what they most feared or would miss about their life. Sometime after the interview, a group of “black op” soldiers would show up at your house and kidnap you. Upon awaking, you’d find yourself living out that which you feared the most. Sound harsh? You bet! Because that’s what we all need, a good slap in the face, a good kick in the pants and something that will wake us up from our social coma.


OK, OK, before you get out of control complaining about my rampant insanity, the “fear” that all of us would be facing wouldn’t be something harmful. If you had said in your interview “I’m afraid of going to prison and being raped”, you wouldn’t be placed in prison and raped, (that kind of extreme action is a Plan C or D). Rather, imagine that you feared being blind, so for a week you where blindfolded and never allowed to take it off for anything. Maybe you said you were of afraid of being homeless, so for a week you were stripped of all your precious, material belongings and forced to wander the streets with nothing and no one to help you. Can you imagine the change that would give a person inside? Me neither, but I bet the result would be positive 98% of the time.


All I’m saying is that once you get too comfortable you start to turn like a tub of sour cream on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator that’s obstructed from view. You need to know that your precious life really is precious and that at any moment you could be in a very dark place, so maybe it’s not worth giving me the finger on the highway or parking in a handicap spot at the store when you are not qualified to do so. Maybe you have a damn good life that you’d hate to see go away, but can’t see it until part of it does for just one week.


You might think I’m crazy, but I’ve already done mine for this year. (Remember? One week without blogging)


Egg On!

Ramblin’ Rooster


Life Is A Mind Trip

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As promised, today’s blog will deal with the secret of life. I’ve stated before, there are two kinds of people in the world.  Being as such, the two kinds we’ll look at tonight are positive people and negative people.

I don’t know which side you, the reader, stands on, but for most it can be difficult to tell. We all have our moments of indulgence with both, so how can one tell for sure? You can’t, but rest assured, it really doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, what matters is if your soul is free or if you are poisoning yourself with anguish and turmoil.

I hate skin heads, neo-nazis, white supremacists or whatever name they choose to hide behind. The idea of being superior over another race on nothing but the level of skin pigment, religious belief, or sexual preference is so illogical and mindless that to even try and debate the issue is pointless. What is amazing to me about these people is the dedication to the mind trip that they have given. I mean you really have to put some serious effort into tricking yourself to believe the utter nonsense that these fools speak. You can’t reason with them, they’re just too far gone, and too deep to listen to reason. It’s really sad that they’d waste that kind of control for something that “meaningless” would fall short of describing. 

That’s the power of the brain and more importantly, the thoughts we classify as beliefs. That’s all beliefs are, thoughts. You may be willing to die for your beliefs, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were once a tiny seed in your subconscious. All it needs is to be feed and it will grow into a general thought. One that you might think about over and over again. Next you would accept it as fact, then latch on to it, thereby deeming it had reached a level of importance to be considered a “belief”.

So if you are the kind of person that regrets things in life, or wish upon your wishes of things being different and find yourself frustrated that you can’t change your life, just stop. You can’t change your life. “What” you ask? You can’t change your life, period. If you want to get a promotion, you can’t wish for it, pray for it or kill for it, but you can change your mind trip and thus your behavior. Perhaps you will now actually earn this promotion. “Isn’t that changing my life dumb-ass?” No, it isn’t.

You don’t control your life. Doesn’t matter what you believe in, God or no God, fate or chance, you have no control. You have free will and you can do whatever you want, but you don’t get to pick the consequence of those action. If you could then everyone would do what a millionaire did and get the same result, right? We all know that doesn’t happen.

Free will is not the principal of quitting your job and smoking crack all day if you want, but yes you could do that. Free will is the practice of the “mind trip”. The “mind trip” is the inner voice, or as my good friend Kreg Krickle likes to say, “The Talkin’ Box”. I’m not talking about the voice that says, “I’m hungry” or the one that screams, “Water. Hot. BURN!” or even the one that says, “Don’t kill that person, even though you’re really angry and feel as though you want to.”

The Talkin’ Box is the voice that says, “Don’t ask her out, she’ll say no and you’ll feel stupid.” “I’m not smart enough to learn a new skill or trade.” “I’m not skinny enough to wear that dress.” “I can’t drink regular soda, because it will make me fat. Double, bacon, cheeseburger please.” You get the idea. It’s not your conscience, your inner child, or your primary-function-unit-voice, (the one that tells you, “Go to the bathroom or you’ll pee your pants.”). Your not born with, you develop it, mold it, craft it and work on building it your whole life long. It is the voice that sets the tone for your life. It is the one that is deciding how you are going to behave and what choices you are going to make.

If you see someone you are attracted to and you want to make contact with them, but are afraid for one reason or another, the Talkin’ Box is working. If you want to overcome the fear, it’s not by pretending that it isn’t scary, because it is. You may very well be made to feel foolish or become embarrassed. Regardless of your Talkin’ Box, that reality will always be real, it’s outcome is unpredictable. You can however, accept the fear. Know that whether or not the creation of spontaneous interaction goes in your favor or against, that you gave it your best shot. You don’t have control over the outcome and regardless of it, it doesn’t define who you are. The only trick is to truly believe that thought. That’s really the only hurdle. To believe so much in what your thinking that’s it’s no longer a thought, but a belief.

Depending on how long you’ve let your Talkin’ Box talk, you might find that you’ve built something quite ugly in design. You might be overweight and want to start walking at night to try and lose some of those pounds, but when the opportunity arrives, your Talkin’ Box makes such a wonderful argument not to go, that you change your mind. It’s all you! You have to kick your own ass if you want to tame the Talkin’ Box. If your Talkin’ Box says, “It’s too cold outside, and I’ve heard that exercising in the cold can hurt your lungs.” You tell your Talkin’ Box to shut it and you go walking. An evil Talkin’ Box that has been free to roam and develop itself can be extremely cunning in it’s deception skills. It will always find a new angle to throw at you to discourage you from gaining what it is you are after. It will even act as though the negative has gone dormant until you have reached a small stature of success, then it will pounce on you like a hungry lion. So even if you think you’ve overcome the evil Talkin’ Box and constructed a positive one, be cautious of it resurfacing.

“But this doesn’t make sense. Why would my Talkin’ Box want to steer me in the wrong direction?” It’s because the deepest, darkest secret in all of minds is the basic fail-safe of failure. “Say what?! How is failure a fail-safe? You’re an idiot.” Perhaps, but failure is the lowest, most easily obtainable form of success. If you keep failing at trying to quit smoking, because you don’t want to quit smoking, quit trying to quit. Presto, you’ve succeeded in riding yourself of disappointment in not following through, stress of withdrawal and the agony of wasting time thinking about it. The more you give up on yourself, the less responsiblity you have. The ultimate freedom is having nothing.

If you have ever envied someone or perhaps turned on the radio or television and witnessed a performance that you felt was horrible and questioned the heavens, “How can they make it, they’re terrible?” The answer is the “mind trip”. Theirs is better than yours. They trained their Talkin’ Box to say things like, “Never give up, never surrender, do your best, never listen to negative criticism, always keep moving forward.” That’s how they win. That’s how all successful people succeed, they turn their Talkin’ Boxes into a cheerleader. It’s impossible to fail, if you are the one watching your back.

My head hurts…

Egg On!

Ramblin’ Rooster

Written by Ramblin' Rooster

November 2, 2008 at 5:31 am