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Picking A Super Power

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I’m quite big into the whole comic book scene. I’ve been a fan my whole life, but I’m not really sure why. Comic book superheroes have one universal flaw. That is of course, that they’re superheroes. The part of comic book story that really sucks, (and I often wonder why it doesn’t lead me to not throw my money away on them each week) is that you can never conclude anything. There is no real development in superhero universes. No one really ever dies. No one really ever gets defeated. No one really ever does anything. Once in a while they might kill off some B or C rated character to try and appease the freaks like me, but in the back of all of our minds we think, “I wonder how they’ll bring them back.”


A superhero’s downfall is that the more powerful they are the more the writer’s have to give them some deep seeded moral compass to prevent them from wrapping up the series in six pages. I guess I can see the hero giving his/her arch nemesis the benefit of the doubt the first or second time they tried to blow up the world, but around the third to fifth time you’d think they’d just rip their head off and be done with it, but they can’t because all great heroes live by a “code”. I mean how many times can Superman and Lex Luthor go ‘round and ‘round? How many times have Batman and the Joker tangled, 215,875 times? It’s amazing that the publishers have gotten away with it for so long.


Even worse, these superheroes who are suppose to be the greatest minds of the universe don’t do anything to help the world, other than save it from super villains or giant aliens. Are you honestly trying to tell me the Reed Richards couldn’t solve 98% of the world’s problems with his 8000 point I.Q.? Could Tony Stark not use the trillions of dollars he has to help his fellow man? The list of characters and what they could do to help is endless, but in the end I guess the fact is, no one wants to read about such boring things as diseases being cured and social problems being solved. We’d all rather see Spider-Man almost kill The Goblin one more time. (Note: all Marvel references are pre-Dark Reign)


Now days, superheroes are everywhere as more and more movies and television shows try to cash in on the faithful and steady money of this genre. With such things being main stream and having kids and also an imagination of my own, it’s not hard to believe that at some point in life the question comes up, “If you could have a super power what would it be?”


Personally, I think people always go for the obvious, flight, super strength, x-ray vision or invisibility for the perverts and invulnerability. No one wants to be super nice, or super funny, or super smart. It’s always default answers, like athletes saying “Hi mom”. I’m not saying they’re not cool powers, but after a while I think they’d get old, plus the whole media frenzy/instant celebrity/government testing thing, it’d just drive me crazy.


My choice is to be sleepless man. Think about all the things you could accomplish if you never had to sleep. It’s like your life would be twice as long. What could be cooler than that?


I shit money man? That’s just ridiculous!


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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

March 23, 2009 at 3:09 am