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A Sign

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As you all may or may not know I have no idea what to do with my life. I’m constantly thinking that this is “temporary” or “I’ll get to it” or “I’d like to that right after I find my list of nine million other things I thought I wanted to do”.


And with “keeping the faith” of being directionally challenged, morally confused and ignorant to opportunity I like to believe the “spirit world” will guide me and take care of all my decisions for me, (like taking a crossbow bolt in the mid-thigh. Thanks spirit world!).


So I’m always looking for a sign, an easy avenue, a no-brainer to take me to the nirvana I’ve sought my whole life. I always believed it’d be in the form of a ghost, flash of celestial light, happenstance or something so powerful that it would make my legs weak and I would fall to the ground crying and singing in tongue, (like taking a crossbow bolt in the mid-thigh. Thanks spirit world!).


Little did I know that the sign that would come would actually be a sign, a cardboard sign written in black, permanent marker to be more exact. A sign reading, “Opportunities in Real Estate” followed by a number. How could it be anymore clear?


Here I am driving home from work, drifting off in thoughts of violently and sexually assaulting my boss with splintering broom handles and as I take the off ramp from the highway I see this sign…


I don’t have to tell you that any hand made sign on the side of the highway off ramp is not only genius, but immediately trustworthy. It’s handcrafted and that means the person cared.


I called up the number and left my credit card number on the message machine. I’m very excited to find out what happens next. I’ll let you know and keep your fingers crossed.


Isn’t this exciting?



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