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Lucky Shoes Can’t Park Car

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LUCKY SHOES CAN’T PARK CAR – posted 11-08-09

We’ve all driven down the road or highway and seen the occasional shoe lying on the shoulder. You might have wondered, “How did that shoe get there”, or “does Kimmy really love me”? It’s not very often that you get to see two shoes left behind…

Is there anything more gross than used shoes

 shoes tight


…especially so neatly arranged. It’s like the shoes wanted me to take their picture. Who am I to deny the power of the shoes?


As you know driving a car is really hard. There are all these other cars on the road driving around like crazies. The most difficult part of driving is of course parking. You know what grandma use to say, “The bigger the car, the bigger the problem”.

 bad parking

My guess is that the person in the Honda didn’t want to leave anytime soon.



Egg On!

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The answer to last weeks riddle was “Fish and Ships”, but I agree with Scott, CLT’s answer was pretty good, so CLT wins and so does Scott for telling me CLT was good at innuendo. Please enjoy, (and share) a slightly used pair of black shoes. I’ll let you guys figure out who gets left and who gets right.



Tonight’s riddle:


A cowboy rides into town on Friday, stays the weekend and rides out on Friday. How is this possible?


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