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Sidewalk of Penny

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Today I was walking downtown and I saw a shiny penny on the sidewalk. As luck would have it, it was “heads up”. I leaned down to pick it up. As I reached out my thumb fell off. No big deal. I used my first, (pointer) finger and middle finger to pick up my thumb. Just as I got my fingers around my thumb, my pinky fell off. Still, no big deal, I stacked the pinky on my thumb and started to… my ring finger fell off. I went to stack my thumb on the pinky onto the ring finger… dang it! My hand fell off.

Thank goodness I have another arm that still has a hand… my other hand fell off. Talk about frustrating! I thought I could pick up my hands with my wrist stumps, but then my arms fell off. As I stood there wondering what I was going to do my entire view suddenly changed.

My legs came off and I lay on the sidewalk like a fish out of water, except with less flipping and flailing, ’cause I could still breathe.

It’s amazing how many people will step right over you. It’s like no one wants to stop and help a guy when he “goes to pieces”. I think I even heard a woman say, as she went out of her way to walk around me, “disgusting”… like it’s my fault.

Eventually I was able to “pull myself together”. Afterwards, as I was able to stand up again, I noticed the penny still lying on the sidewalk. I contemplated whether or not I should try to pick up the penny. Was it this coin that led me to “lose it” or a mere coincidence? Who am I to play fortune teller?

I reached down and picked up the penny. In my hand I looked at it as it rest in my palm.

Turns out it wasn’t a penny, but instead a smooched M&M.

To hell with it all.

Egg On!

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Written by Ramblin' Rooster

January 18, 2010 at 5:45 am